Shazam! Casting News: Brandon Molale Explains Tweet On DC Superhero Role, Details

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Shazam! Casting News: Brandon Molale Explains Tweet On DC Superhero Role, Details Brandon Molale Facebook

Last week, a tweet by an actor began speculations that he could be up to play Shazam! for DCEU. Although fans responded positively on the casting, Daily Disruption was able to get an explanation on the tweets.

Brandon Molale has confirmed via private Instagram messages that he hasn’t had interaction with Warner Bros yet. But the actor spoke to Dwayne Johnson about his interest to play Shazam! for DCEU.

Brandon posted a new tweet on Wednesday and clarified his previous tweet to fans. The actor wrote, “Everybody get your facts straight I had a conversation with Dwayne and expressed my passion and interest to play Shazam that’s it.” Fans can check it out below.

Actor Not In Talks With Warner Bros. For Shazam!

Various reports on the internet began suggesting that the actor may have been chosen to play Shazam! Daily Disruption urges fans to shatter this rumor.

Currently, it looks like Warner Bros. still hasn’t made a move on choosing an actor to play as Shazam!. Dwayne Johnson is the only cast member chosen to play Black Adam from the world of Shazam!

It has been highly speculated that Black Adam will be the main villain in the Man of Steel sequel. The rumor began when Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson shared an image on their Instagram.

Fans are presently expecting Warner Bros. to reveal the cast for Shazam! Actors like Brandon Molale have campaigned for the role. However, the studio has not revealed any actors shortlisted for the DC superhero role.

Brandon Molale Spoke to DCEU’s Black Adam Actor About His Interest To Play The Role

Shazam! is known for being among the Justice League in DC Comics and animated series. The character known as Billy Batson receives the ability to transform into the magic-wielding demigod character, thanks to a Wizard.

The DC Superhero’s ability is derived from various deities such as Solomon, Zeus, Atlas, Hercules, Achillies and Mercury. The character is known for having the strength and abilities of a demigod in DC Comics.

Shazam! is one of the few superheroes with the abilitiy to take on Black Adam. If Warner Bros. decides to cast Black Adam as the villain, Superman would require Shazam!’s help to fight the villain.