Shazam! Casting News: Actor Reveals He Is In Talks For The Role, Details

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Shazam! Casting News: Actor Reveals He Is In Talks For The Role, Details Brandon Molale Facebook

It looks like Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam will soon be fighting Shazam! in DCEU. Recently, an actor revealed that he was approached by the studio to play the DC superhero role.

The casting for Shazam! still seems to be underway. However, Brandon Molale could not seem to control his excitement. The actor sent out tweets of his talks with the studio.

He wrote, “Today I had the conversation I have been waiting 9 years to have. Call it divine intervention.” While his message seemed cryptic, the actor tagged Dwayne Johnson and wrote hashtag Shazam! before concluding his tweet. Check it out below.

Shazam! Casting Soon To Close In

In another tweet, Brandon Molale again hashtagged Shazam! revealing that he is up for the role. While the news comes as a surprise to most of the audience, it looks like the actor was in talks for the role since 2014.

A tweet by the actor in 2014 has revealed that he campaigned or was in talks to play as Shazam! Brandon tweeted that Warner Bros. can “forever” cast as the DC Superhero. Moreover, he said “It would be an honor to play Captain Marvel.”

DCEU seems to be speeding up its plan for Shazam! However it’s possible that the actor won’t be starring in a standalone movie. But he could play the superhero role in Man of Steel 2.

Actor Reveals Details Via Tweets

Lately, it has been suggested that Black Adam will be the villain in Man of Steel sequel. If true, DCEU would cast Shazam! as well to fight against the magic-wielding villain.

Brandon also spoke about his rumored talks to play as the superhero for DCEU. Fans can check out the video below.

Brandon has played a lot of supporting roles in soap operas. Currently, he is also filming for TV show “Rebel” playing as a Russian Thug. Moreover, he has played roles in movies like “Gangster Squad”.