Shark Repelling Armband Didn’t Protect Young Surfer From Shark Bite

Shark Repelling Armband Didn’t Protect Young Surfer From Shark Bite Pixabay

The most abuzz shark repelling armband did not hinder the ocean’s giant to attack a young surfer.

Each year, sharks attack humans all over the world. Although the most common areas would be those in the colder states, sharks can reach even the busiest beaches around the globe.

That said, in a bid to deter sea creatures from attacking humans in the sea, different companies created shark repelling armbands to help keep humans from falling prey.

However, it looks like the said armbands aren’t always effective. In fact, the last Tuesday of 2016 marked an unfortunate event to a 16-year-old surfer.

December waves looked fine for Zack Davis as he paddled his way to the sea. Little that he knew, a shark was there to attack him and cause severe injuries.

Zack has been surfing for the past two years, which made her mother decide to give him the armband. Back in December, though, a five-foot long blacktip shark bit his arms, leading to a massive blood spill into the water.

The victim immediately paddled his way back to the nearest house he could find and called 911.

CBS 12 reported that the surfer received 42 stitches following the incident. Her mother, on the other hand, disappointed and devastated, is now seeking a refund for the $80 shark repellant she bought online.

Shark Repelling Armband Not Effective?

The armbands now hitting the market claim they help surfers and swimmers keep safe from sharks.

The Choice showcased different armbands for sale in different websites.

According to the Smithsonian, sharks have small chambers (near their heads) full of gel called the ampullae of Lorenzini. It allows them to sense weak electric fields around their prey.

However, sharks get confused when a strong electromagnetic pulse in the water disrupts them. Watch the video below: