Shape-Shifting, Voice-Recognizing Skyscraper Is Rising in Dubai

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Shape-Shifting, Voice-Recognizing Skyscraper Is Rising in Dubai PHOTOGRAPH: bulletrain/Pixabay | Under Public Domain

Dubai is building an 80-story, 1,273-foot tower that can self-rotate to 360 degrees upon voice command.  Residents will be able to adjust the view of their windows just by speaking. The shape of the building will constantly change upon the wish of its occupants. The architect behind the concept said it will rise by 2020.

Dynamic Tower in Dubai will Be the First of Its Kind

Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher is the brain behind the futuristic concept. He calls his creation the Dynamic Tower. In a video uploaded on Your Discover Science YouTube page, Fisher says the building, set to be world’s first, will also be energy friendly.  He explains that its design involves 79 wind pipes to be installed horizontally between the floors. He adds that its roof will have solar panels that will supply the energy naturally.

The Dynamic Tower will be the first in the world to be built in four dimensions. It will have no specific shape since residents can infinitely adjust their floors.  “It will never look the same. The floor is rotating very smoothly. You don’t hear anything,” Fisher says in the video. Furthermore, residents will be able to transport their cars through the building’s elevator. They can park their vehicles right beside their units.

David Fisher and The Dynamic Tower

In a blog posted in the official website of Dynamic Architecture, Fisher explains that his inspiration behind the revolutionary concept is actually the Olympic Tower in New York City. While enjoying the view in the tower, he noticed a spot where he can see both the East River and the Hudson River. “That is when I thought to myself:  ‘Why don’t we rotate the entire floor?  That way, everybody can see the East River and the Hudson River, as well as Saint Patrick’s Cathedral!’” the architect writes in the blog.

Fisher might have realized the revolutionary concept at his time spent in Manhattan, yet he says that the idea had always been within him since he was a child. The Israeli-Italian architect shares that his vision was inspired by how the sun sets and rises in Mediterranean. “This aspect of motion and its relation to the dimension of time always intrigued me,” he writes.

He brings along the dream until he became an architect. At present, that vision remains the inspiration behind his creations. “I understood that an architect should design buildings that adjust to life.  They should adapt to our space, our functionalities and our needs that change continuously – and even to our sense of beauty, itself in continuous motion. These are the first buildings to have a fourth dimension:  Time,” he shares.

The Dynamic Tower in Dubai Will Be Completed by 2020

Dubai first announced the building of the Dynamic Tower in 2008. However, the plan did not take off at the time. Nevertheless, the last update from the Dynamic Architect is that the tower will reach its full completion by 2020. According to the agency, the price for each unit is currently pegged at $4 million to $40 million.

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