Selena Gomez Poses in Thong and Golden Loop Earrings, Tags The Weeknd in Instagram Post

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Selena Gomez Poses in Thong and Golden Loop Earrings, Tags The Weeknd in Instagram Post DSC01703 from Amanda Nobles / Flickr with CC BY 2.0

Selena Gomez has been in the spotlight for years, but she definitely knows how to generate new buzz. The Disney star started in show business when she was very young and practically growing up on TV sets. Thus, she’s never really known life without all the Hollywood craziness.

Creating Celebrity Buzz

Now, she’s back and making a huge buzz on social media. To mark her full-fledged return, she posed a picture holding a towel and a barely-there nude thong. As pointed out by Teen Vogue, photographer Mert Alas posted the picture on his Instagram account.

There are no details on what it was for, but one thing is for sure: it is a nude photoshoot. Celebs like Candice Swanepoel, Taylor Hill and Karlie Kloss have like the post. The image was taken down since, but some fans managed to screenshot the likes.

Surprisingly, The Weeknd didn’t press Like on the post, considering he and Selena are now officially an item. He wasn’t tagged in the picture, so some are wondering if he was at all concerned with the nature of the shoot.

According to Elle, this wasn’t the first time Selena posed practically naked for a shoot. More than a year ago, she did so for her Revival album art. In fact, she was seated full nude but with her intimate parts covered.

What Is The Real Deal

Though posing barely naked is not new in Hollywood, it is concerning her own fans who followed her AMA acceptance speech. She said during the speech that she did not want to see bodies of girls on Instagram. According to her, she did not need that kind of validation anymore. Instead, she said she wanted to see more of what is inside a person’s heart.

She gave the statement after returning from rehab for her anxiety and to take a break from her busy schedule. The young singer was diagnosed with autoimmune disease lupus last year and recuperated at a private facility. She reportedly went through chemotherapy and could have had a stroke if she did not take a break.

Though she does look stunning in the picture, fans are raising their eyebrows on how she seemed to have retracted her statement. Perhaps The Weeknd may give his two cents on his partner’s latest activities.

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