SciFi Meets Reality: Here Are The Top Three Robot-Mecha Suits That Came Out From A Hollywood Movie

SciFi Meets Reality: Here Are The Top Three Robot-Mecha Suits That Came Out From A Hollywood Movie PHOTOGRAPH: Public Domain Pictures/Lynn Greyling | Under Public Domain Dedication

The future has arrived as countries around the world create innovations that encompass this generations’ technology. Now, robot mecha suits have started to permeate the technological advancements. Robot mecha suits were once a figment of the fictional world but it has now become a reality.

The word ‘mecha’ is an abbreviation used in Japanese of the word ‘mechanical’. A Mecha encompasses all mechanical objects. It is often associated with the large robot with limbs or other biological functions. Previously, the robot mecha suits appeared in fiction. Movies would often utilize the mecha suits like Pacific Rim or Transformers. The anime Gundam is also a depiction of the mecha’s usage. There are a number of fiction works, both on the screen and in written form, that involves a robot mecha suit. The suit is no longer a figment of imagination as various innovators created their own version of a robot mecha suit.

Top 3 robot mecha suits:


Designer and blacksmith Kogoro Kurata made the huge 4-ton robot mecha suit. Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry made the creation of the Kuratas possible. The Kuratas was the first giant boarding robot in the world. The company unveiled the robot on its website in 2012. One person can pilot or maneuver the mecha. Basically, the operator will sit in the robot’s ‘body’. There is some control device in front of them, allowing the operator to move the robot. The operator can also control the Kuratas externally through the use of a remote control.

Along with Kurata, roboticist Wataru Yoshizaki handled the creation of the robot’s software. Yoshizaki created the software for the robot’s movement as well as its pilot interaction.

Kurata’s inspiration for the mecha came from the TV shows, perhaps animes he watched as a child. He thought that there will be giant robots in the future. Unfortunately, he waited so long, yet people only created small robots. Kurata decided to create one instead of waiting for some else to create. The Kuratas costs US$1,353,500 for those who are interested in acquiring one.


MegaBots is a creation of MegaBots Inc., an American startup company in Oakland, California. The company creates giant robots and gigantic mecha for robotic sports competitions. The company already raise $2.4 million in seed funding that will bring the robot-fighting competition in real life.

The vision of the company is a crossover of fiction and reality. MegaBots Inc. hopes to create a fighting tournament for giant robots. If humans have wrestling or boxing, the company wants to create a gladiatorial robot match.

Prior to the $2.4 million seed funding, the company raised $550,000 in a crowdfunding campaign. MegaBots Inc. also sold merchandise and sponsorships to sustain the business. The startup aspires to follow the footsteps of major sports associations, including UFC or Formula 1.

In June 2015, MegaBots challenged the Kuratas of the Suidobashi Heavy Industry. The Japanese company accepted the challenge but on the condition that the fight will include a melee combat. As of the moment, the MegaBots have no price tag as the company builds a better robot to prepare for its combat against the Kuratas.


The newest among the three mechas would be the Method-2. South Korea’s Hankook Mirae and Vitaly Bulgarov collaborated for the project. Bulgarov is famous for his work in Hollywood. He has designed famous Hollywood robot designs like Terminator, Ghost in the Shell, Transformers 4: Age of Extinction and RoboCop.
The Method-2 weighed at 1.6 tons. The heavy-duty metal guarantees the robot’s strength. The company designed the robot to withstand hostile environments like the Fukushima nuclear site.

Bulgarov stated that the future reiterations of the robot can be used in different areas. The innovation can help out on construction, cargo loading, and rescue operations. The Method-2 will be available by the end of 2017 with a price tag of a whopping $8.3 million.

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