Sci-Fi Short: La Lisière- The Edge, Award Winning Movie Reveals Mankind Surviving In The Forest, Details

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Sci-Fi Short: La Lisière- The Edge, Award Winning Movie Reveals Mankind Surviving In The Forest, Details PHOTOGRAPH: La Lisière- The Edge | La Lisière- The Edge

A new French science fiction short film titled La Lisière (The Edge) is gaining traction on the internet. Unlike other movies that are based on aliens, this movie gives an insight into the lives of people living outside the society as the system breaks down.

The French sci-fi short film is directed by Simon Saulnier and Produced by Gravity Films. The 16:34 minute movie is uploaded on their official YouTube channel for public viewing. Their official description has also revealed the plot of La Lisière (The Edge). “In a close future, in a forest where reigns anarchy, a young girl launches a journey to track down the thieves who took her what she care the most,” the official description indicated.

La Lisière (The Edge) Premiered in 2015 Through Film Festivals

While the sci-fi short film is in French, English subtitles have been included on YouTube.  The Verge reported that the sci-fi short film has been touring on festival circuits. Furthermore, the YouTube description of the video also revealed several names under their selection such as Hollyshorts Film Festival, New York Independent Film Festival, and Lund Fantastic Film Festival.

Director Saulnier also spoke about La Lisière (The Edge) and its sci-fi tone. “[Children of Men is] very realistic in terms of its social context, especially in light of current events, I like to play around with reality, modify it, combine it with a warning about what’s happening around us today. I wanted to put this story in a very realistic sci-fi context, so The Edge is set right before ‘the apocalypse’ happens. It’s a very human film, raw and organic, set in a universe created from the elements that were on hand, and it reflects a world in perpetual decline,” he said via The Creators Project.

The short film will only be up for public viewing on YouTube for a week. However, a possibility of an extension still remains. Fans can check out the short film below.

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