‘Arrival’ Producers Are Out With New Sci-Fi Movie: ‘Inconstant Moon’ Plot and Things to Know

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‘Arrival’ Producers Are Out With New Sci-Fi Movie: ‘Inconstant Moon’ Plot and Things to Know PHOTOGRAPH: Pixabay/bngdesigns | Under Public Domain

One of Arrival’s producers, Shawn Levy, has set his eye on a new Sci-Fi movie titled Inconstant Moon. This is a new project in Sci-fi genre confirmed to be in development under Fox 2000. Here’s everything we know.

The Sci-fi movie is based on a 1971 short story by Larry Niven titled Inconstant Moon. It was later included in a collection of short stories published under the same title. The book was printed in 1973. The movie is set to be directed by James Ponsoldt. He is known for directing the critically acclaimed The Spectacular Now. He has also directed other successful titles such as Smashed and The End of the Tour.

‘Inconstant Moon’ plot and synopsis

‘Inconstant Moon’ raises this question: “What would you do if it were your last night on Earth?” It follows the journey of two lovers as they face the end of the world. The story is set in Los Angeles.

The story is told from the perspective of Stan, the narrator of the story. The plot starts when he notices that the moon is brighter, making it more beautiful than ever before. People who notice the same were all praises for the phenomenon. However, what really lies ahead is a catastrophe that could bring Earth into destruction.

When Stan realizes the looming apocalyptic event, he goes to his girlfriend Leslie. In her apartment, the lovers become witness to how a solar flare brings Earth to extinction. The two survive all amounts of rains, hurricanes and floods that battered the world. In the end, they still wake up together and alive. And as the dark morning shines in the horizon, Stan wonders if their future kids would soon colonize Europe, Asia or Africa.

Inconstant Moon will be written by Daniel Casey.

Inconstant Moon Sci-Fi movie will be the first film adaptation

According to an exclusive report from The Hollywood Reporter, Inconstant Moon was adapted for an episode in a series called The Outer Limits in 1996. The episode was featured in season 2. But the movie, set to be produced by Levy, is the first adaptation of the short story on the big screens in Hollywood.

Levy was recently honored with an Oscar nomination for Arrival. The producer was a contender for Best Motion Picture of the Year along with Aron Ryder and David Linde.

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