Samsung’s Foldable Phone is Coming, and it can Fold out as a 7-inch Tablet

Samsung’s Foldable Phone is Coming, and it can Fold out as a 7-inch Tablet PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Karlis Dambrans |

Samsung’s foldable phone is set to be released this year. Reports claimed that the Korean tech company will produce over 100,000 foldable phones in the third quarter of 2017.

The report came from the Korea Herald, which cautioned readers that the company has not finalized plans for the foldable phone. The source suggested that it is the same device revealed in 2016 under the codename Project Valley.

Samung foldable phone design

The device’s initial design is similar to an open book with two screens inside. However, the Herald claimed the tech company thought that consumers might dislike opening and closing their phones. Hence, Samsung decided to move the screens outside the unit when closed. The device will become a seven-inch tablet when opened.

According to Forbes, the device has been developed for three years. Reportedly, Samsung will release it in Q3 2017, which means it may be unveiled in July this year.

Experts believe that the reason Samsung chose to unveil the device in 2017 is due to the marketing and profitability of the product. A decision would probably be made in February or March.

The specifications and features of the device have not been released as of yet. The report from the Herald added that LG also developed a foldable phone that could be at par with Samsung’s version of the device. LG would possibly release the device in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Samsung bounces back from S7’s massive loss

It should be remembered that 2016 was the worse year for Samsung. Its 2016 flagship, the Galaxy S7, cost the company millions, if not billions, of dollars. Reports from consumers around the world said that the device could explode while charging. The S7 became hazardous to so many users, Samsung had to make a massive worldwide recall.

At the fourth quarter of 2016, Samsung’s stocks dropped while Apple’s shares soared. After releasing the iPhone 7, all eyes are on Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8. Nonetheless, Samsung will stay on its game and try to divert all the fuzz toward its newest innovation.

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