Samsung, Nokia, LG and Apple Rivalry Continues With the Foldable Smartphones Innovation

Samsung, Nokia, LG and Apple Rivalry Continues With the Foldable Smartphones Innovation Foldable smartphones are the future of technology from Jeshoots/Pixabay with Creative Commons Zero CC0

Samsung, LG and Apple are among the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world. These companies are getting ready for its newest innovations in the near future. However, Nokia will not be left in the dust. Like the others, Nokia is looking into the future of foldable phones.

Nokia Is Ready to Claim its Title Back

Nokia is ready to meet the top companies head-to-head. According to Phone Arena, Nokia applied for patents, which suggested designs of a foldable device. The US Patent and Trademark Office granted and approved the patents from Nokia. The patents revealed that the design will possibly have a slight bulge but with a foldable structure. Since Nokia was once the top company, it will be interesting to see if it can match the devices of other technology giants.

Samsung and LG Will be the First Ones to Release Foldable Device

Meanwhile, Samsung and LG are preparing for their launch. Reports suggested that Samsung will release its foldable device before anyone else. Korea Herald reported that the company will likely unveil the foldable phones in the third quarter of 2017.

The insider stated that the phone was supposed to open like a book. However, the company thought that it would be a hassle to open the unit just to check the phone. Samsung moved forward by having a similar book-folding concept but with the screens placed outside. Once the device is unfolded, it can be used as a 7-inch tablet.

LG will probably launch its own foldable phone version in the fourth quarter of 2017. LG Electronics reportedly will produce over 100,000 devices. GSMArena reported that LG filed another patent for a foldable device. The patent revealed that LG envisions a phone that can be folded on the vertical side. Basically, when users open the device, they will have a device similar to a tablet but in a landscape mode.

Apple Applied for Patents for ‘Flexible Display Devices’

The last but not the least in the group would be Apple. In November 2016, Apple received the approval of a patent for “flexible display devices.” Experts believed that the this patent could possibly be the company’s attempt to create a bendable iPhone. The Apple Insider suggested that the designs are similar to a foldable device. Unfortunately, Apple did not release any comment regarding their newest patent.

Other companies like Microsoft, Sony and Lenovo are looking into the foldable device market. The competition is fierce in innovating the best foldable phone since most companies want to take part on the trend. It will be interesting how this companies shape the future devices by keeping their standards higher than their competitors.

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