Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs: New Leak Suggests New Flagship Will Support S Pen Stylus

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs: New Leak Suggests New Flagship Will Support S Pen Stylus The Samsung Galaxy S8 is reportedly different, but how much? Image taken from Instagram/

The Samsung Galaxy S8 specs are rumored to be much better than most phones that are out in the market.

The technology industry is very competitive nowadays as new brands present new products that come at better prices. However, the seasoned veterans know that it isn’t just the brand, but the features and quality as well.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 made waves with their sleek chassis, amazing screen and camera, and so much more. While it is already hard to do better than it, the rumored Samsung Galaxy S8 specs might just outdo even Apple.

New Phone, New Technology

According to Forbes, the South Korean company just acquired Viv Labs and will use their platform for a new voice-based digital assistant. Apple has Siri, Samsung will reportedly have a digital assistant called Bixby.

This shows that Samsung is stepping up their game to gain a stronger foothold on digital AI. Once “Bixby” get released, it will be competing against Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s Google Assistant as well.

Apart from this, BGR reported that there would be two different versions of the Galaxy S8. One will be a regular sized smartphone, the other one will be a plus-sized one. The Samsung Galaxy S8 specs leak reports that the Plus version will support an S Pen Stylus. No doubt this is similar to the previous leaks stating that the new phone will come with a built-in stylus as well.

Youtube/Samsung Mobile

There aren’t any details regarding the S Pen’s functionality, as it won’t work the same way the Note stylus does. However, based on the S Pen’s functionality on the tablet, there is a possibility that more features can be accessed with it.

Unfortunately, fans of the smartphone will have to wait for the official announcement from Samsung. These Samsung Galaxy S8 specs are all speculation and rumor for the time being.

Samsung is expected to reveal their newest Galaxy S8 by February 2017 or by April 2017 at the latest. Will Samsung be able to blow people’s minds once again?