Samsung Galaxy S8 Might Bring Both Mobile And Desktop Computing Experience Using A Single Device

Samsung Galaxy S8 Might Bring Both Mobile And Desktop Computing Experience Using A Single Device The upcoming Galaxy 8 has upgraded features like never before seen. Screengrab taken from Youtube/Android Authority.

It was quite a year for technology last year as more and more companies put their best foot forward. However, there are only a few that manage to think of revolutionary ideas.

The ongoing debate on who reigns supreme usually falls on Apple and Samsung. Too many times have these two major smartphone giants clashed. Apart from that, there are many smartphone users who are debating between the interface of the iOS and Android.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Could Be A Computer On Hand

The new year brings new things and new competition as well. The latest news is that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t just have upgraded features. It is rumored, as noted on BGR, that the newest Galaxy series phone will have a feature similar to Microsoft’s Continuum.

A slide that was leaked online shows this desktop experience for a smartphone. The way it reportedly works is that users will be able to connect their mobiles to an external monitor. With the use of a keyboard and a mouse, users will be able to use the phone like a desktop computer.

This way of technology adapting to the users’ needs would definitely require a UI enhancement. According to Phone Arena, there will be a lot of multitasking, so it is important that there is a UI upgrade to support that.

Youtube/Android Authority

Techies are waiting for the official word from Samsung regarding this “leak,” as the company is tight-lipped regarding any information. This is not the first time that “leaked” information reached the public. If this feature will really make the Samsung Galaxy S8, then it could be the company’s year to upgrade the smartphone competition.

Other features that were rumored to make the upcoming phone is an edge with a curved screen, increased internal storage, new wireless earbuds, a new voice assistant, and so much more.

While nothing is set in stone yet, one thing for sure is that Apple might have its biggest rival yet. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is speculated to be released in April 2017.