Samsung Foldable Phone In Final Stages Of Development

Samsung Foldable Phone In Final Stages Of Development PHOTOGRAPH: Samsung Mobile/Facebook |

The Samsung Foldable Phone is already in tis final stages of development. Technology has been pushing the limits and creating new tech along the way. With the latest advancements in technology, there are bigger things to look forward to in the future.

The smartphone business is one of the most lucrative businesses around. While the demand for the newest smartphone is high, the competition is also high as well. In fact, there are so many new brands competing with tried and tested brands.

One of the most desirable feature people are looking for when it comes to buying a new smartphone is new tech. According to Business Insider, the rumor is that Samsung is busy developing a smartphone with a screen. There have been a lot of reports about there hasn’t been any leaks about it. Some people are already speculating that it may just be a false report or the company is keeping this new tech heavily under wraps.

Samsung Foldable Phone: A Step Closer

However, a South Korean news site called ETNews finally gave out the latest from Samsung. According to reports, a prototype of the device will be launched and unveiled later this year. It will first be given to partners to test and assess the demand from consumers.

Unfortunately, there target release date, along with mass production, won’t be until 2018. Right now they are only releasing a hundred thousand or so to test the market. The Samsung foldable phone will reportedly be unveiled in the third quarter. The only peek techies have is a patent application for the Samsung foldable phone that came to light in November.

The project known as “Project Valley” or “Galaxy X” looks like a retro clamshell phone. It has an application that allows the middle of the screen to fold. When it is unfolded, it looks more like a traditional smartphone. While this does give a tease of what is to come, some times what gets patented never makes it into a finished product.

Samsung Foldable Phone: No Official News From Samsung

The South Korean manufacturing company has been talking publicly about foldable phones and displays. Now that they’re getting closer to manufacturing the smartphones, they’ve talked about it less and less. A Samsung representative didn’t even want to respond to a request for comment regarding the upcoming phone. In fact, like most tech companies, they tend to keep mum when rumors and speculations arise regarding unreleased products.

In other news, Samsung is busy making their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. There isn’t a release date set yet for this but many are predicting it could be later this year. There were a lot of leaks on the new design and some of the additional features that will be making it on the phone.


Source: ET News, Business Insider

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