Russia’s Next Hacking Target Could Be Donald Trump Himself According To US Chiefs

Russia’s Next Hacking Target Could Be Donald Trump Himself According To US Chiefs Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore with CC BY-SA 2.0

Russia allegedly claims it has personal and financial information that could prove detrimental to President-elect Donald Trump. This is according to classified documents presented last week to President Barack Obama.

This comes as Senate Democrats continue to investigate whether or not Moscow had a hand in Trump’s victory. The two-page synopsis was presented to President Obama during a briefing by four top US intelligence chiefs. These are namely Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan, and NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers.

According to CNN, a compilation of memos by a former British intelligence operative gave way to these allegations. The FBI is currently investigating the validity of these claims, which, based on the operative’s previous work, could be credible.

Moscow Has Been Looking For Ways To Influence Donald Trump

The memos suggested that the Kremlin had, for years, looked for a way to influence Mr. Trump. The billionaire businessman had frequently traveled to Russia to conduct real estate deals and for the Ms. Universe beauty pageant, which he owned for quite some time.

According to the New York Times, the reason behind the intelligence chiefs’ decision to include the synopsis is to inform Donald Trump that such allegations involving him are circulating in the intelligence community. Intelligence officials fear that it will leak before Mr. Trump was made aware of the potentially shocking information. This could also be a warning to President-elect Trump who is adamant about restoring relations with Russia.

The allegations also highlight the claims made by Democrats that both Republicans and Democrats were subject to Russian cyber attacks but only harmful information about Democratic politicians were released. This also adds to the narrative that Hillary Clinton would be the president-elect if not for Moscow’s intervention.

The Times also reported that after intelligence agencies’ report last week, Trump’s aides have said that Democrats are trying to discredit his victory. Trump also took to Twitter calling the reports “fake news” and a “political witch hunt”.

Russia and Vladimir Putin have yet to issue a statement regarding these new allegations. As more and more details are emerging about Russia’s clandestine activities, Donald Trump might find that restoring relations with The Kremlin might not be as easy as he expected.

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