Russia’s Futuristic Weapon Can Rip America Into Pieces

Russia’s Futuristic Weapon Can Rip America Into Pieces PHOTOGRAPH: President of Russia Official Website | Under CC by 3.0

Russia’s futuristic weapon can rip America into pieces in a short period of time. The country is ready to deploy the technology-advanced intercontinental ballistic missile or ICBM. The ballistic missiles is designed to rip apart any defense system including the defense from the United States. Experts believed that the weapons could be the RS-28 Sarmat. It is a hundred-ton, twelve-warhead giant. The makers equipped the doomsday weapon with stealth technology which is capable to dodge enemy radar systems.

Russia’s futuristic weapon can wipe out America

Russian officials did not mention the name of the specific missile but said that it could penetrate and defeat America’s air defense. Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, stated that the weapons will be soon available to their armed forces, Russia Today reported.

Russia constantly improves the country’s nuclear aversion. Experts believed that the Russian government is close to deploying the new ICBM weapons. Despite avoiding to name the weapons, the public believes that he is likely referring to the RS-28 Sarmat missiles.

Russian Deputy PM mocks U.S. defense system

The ICBMs are part of Russia’s nuclear modernization. The weapons are currently going through the final stages of development. Reports suggested that the missile will possibly weigh at least 100 tonnes. Rogozin stated that with the use of the weapon, Russia can rip U.S. defenses apart. He added that the U.S. defense system poses no serious threat to their country and can only do provocations.

Additionally, Rogozin boasted on Moscow’s state-of-the-art tanks. The deputy prime minister stated that they have the advantage over war tanks since the American, Israeli and European tanks are behind in terms of technical characteristics.

The aforementioned nuclear weapon, RS-28 Sarmat, is also known as Satan 2. Nuclear experts believe that the weapon will be the most powerful missile. The Sarmat is equipped with stealth technology that can bypass advanced missile detection systems.

Russia’s futuristic weapon: RS-28 Sarmat a.k.a. ‘Satan 2’

The missile is designed with a top speed that can cover 4.3 miles within one second. Reportedly, the missile can deliver a massive destruction that is 2,000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb which the U.S. dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan during World War 2 in 1945. The World War 2 atomic bomb weighed around 20 kilotons which is lighter than the RS-28 Sarmat which could possibly weigh at 40 megatons. The Russian media boasted that the Sarmat is capable of wiping out parts of the Earth with the size of Texas or France. Moreover, proponents of the missile claim that it is more accurate than its predecessors.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is building its Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD). The GBSD is a replacement of the 50-year-old Minuteman ICBMs. The U.S. is upgrading its warfare and defense system in the rising threat of an arms race. Experts estimated the production cost at $85 billion. To know Satan 2’s full potential click here.

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