Russian Internal Affairs Catches Nine Hackers for Stealing One Billion Rubles

Russian Internal Affairs Catches Nine Hackers for Stealing One Billion Rubles PHOTOGRAPH: Genesis 3G | Under Public Domain

Russian Internal Affairs officials have arrested nine hackers in connection to the theft of almost one billion rubles. These nine cybercriminals are suspected members of hacker group known as Lurk. Furthermore, this group is allegedly involved in stealing money from Russian banks since 2013.

Hackers: Nine Cybercriminals Arrested in Russia

The nation’s interior ministry spokesperson, Irina Wolf, stated that the alleged cybercriminals were taken into custody last month. A crackdown resulted in the arrest of the cybercriminals. The operation was conducted in five regions across Russia, including Moscow, Tver, Sverdlovsk, St.Petersburg and Krasnodar Territory.

The interior ministry stated that these cybercriminals successfully got into Russia’s “critical infrastructure,” like military plants. However, no further details were given. In May 2016, 50 were arrested in relation to Lurk. 

“By the beginning of 2017 it had been established other members of the organised group were also involved in illegal activities and suspected of involvement in hacker attacks,” she stated, said TASS News Agency. According to police, while 27 people were charged, only 19 will go on trial. Lurk used their computer Trojan to get access to login names and passwords for online bank accounts.

There was a set of 86 raids that were conducted in fifteen different regions across Russia. Footage showed FSB officers along with armed police using force to get into suspects’ home. “As a result of searches a large quantity of computer equipment was confiscated along with communications gear, bank cards in false names, and also financial documents and significant amounts of cash confirming the illegal nature of their activity,” the FSB stated.

Hackers: More Scam And Money

It has been speculated that Russian cybercriminals targeted the U.S election, helping Donald Trump win over Hillary Clinton. However, this is a different case, as experts stated that most of their crimes involved money. The head of computer incidents investigation at Kaspersky Lab, Ruslan Stoyanov, helped the criminal probe.

International Business Times UK reported that Stoyanov stated that their company analyzed the dubious software. Then they recognized the group’s network of computers and servers. After sharing the information with Russian police, they started identifying the suspects and collected proof of the crime.

In contrast to these arrests, Stoyanov himself was arrested when he was found guilty of being involved in criminal activities. Stoyanov is presently entwined in a dirty FSB plot. He was accused of treason for reportedly sharing secretive state information with U.S. intelligence.

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