Russian Deep-Sea Fisherman Roman Fedortsov Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: See His Latest Finds

Russian Deep-Sea Fisherman Roman Fedortsov Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: See His Latest Finds Deepwater Sea by tanjila ahmed / Flickr with CC BY 2.0

There are endless mind-boggling secrets hidden inside the deep sea, some of them we couldn’t even begin to fathom. Roman Fedortsov, a deep-sea fisherman, has dedicated his life to uncovering as many of these marvelous entities as possible.

Fedortsov’s social media pages have become a rare and unusual museum, an absolute gem for any aquatic-life lover. It is filled with pictures of some of the most exquisite finds from the depths of the Russian sea.

Roman Fedortsov, The Unique Fisherman

Roman Fedortsov graduated from the Murmansk State Technical University, according to information on his Facebook page. He lives in Murmansk, Russia with his wife.

He is a deep-sea fisherman by profession and comes by dozens of rare and never-before-seen fishes and other underwater species on a regular basis.

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While most fishermen do not educate the world on their unique findings, Fedortsov has chosen a different route. He has compiled a collection of pictures of any deepwater discovery that satisfies the theme: “OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?”

Gizmodo has compared the collection to nothing less than “the most twisted Jim Henson movie ever produced.” This is because some of the pictures are not for the faint of the heart.

People React To Fedortsov’s Photos

Social media users have expressed mixed reactions to his incredible posts. There have been people in complete awe of his pictures, then there have been those completely horrified.

“Absolutely love your posts!” wrote a user on the picture of a baby Moroccan shark. Another appalled user wrote on the picture of a snake-like fish: “check his photos out. I’m never going in the sea again!!”

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There have been those who accused Fedortsov of pulling these rare creatures out of their natural habitat and letting them die just to click some photos.

However, Fedortsov assured them that he makes no additional effort in catching them. Instead, he only photographs the ones that are readily caught in nets along with the other commercial catches.

He also mentioned that if these rare fishes are alive by the time they are pulled out of the net, he throws them back into the sea.

Check out Fedortsov’s photos below and prepare to be amazed!

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