Russia Said It Coordinated Syrian Airstrikes With US, Pentagon Denies Claim

Russia Said It Coordinated Syrian Airstrikes With US, Pentagon Denies Claim PHOTOGRAPH: Netsyscom/Pixabay |

Russia said that its air force had administered airstrikes against the Islamic State targets along with the US-led coalition. They said that they had received intelligence from the coalition command center. However, the U.S. military denied it completely.

It was reported that on Sunday, the Russian Air Force command at the Khmeimim air base were provided with target coordinates of the Islamic State. The location in the intelligence report was the Al-Bab area of the Aleppo. The Defense Ministry also stated that they received the information from U.S. through hotline with the international coalition headquarters.

The entire operation started with extra surveillance measures using drones and satellites. After that, two Russian fighter jets along with two coalition aircraft conducted airstrikes on terrorist targets. During the attack, multiple fuel depots, as well as ammunition stores and terrorist positions, were destroyed, said the ministry.

“Analysis of the results of the joint airstrikes conducted together with the international [anti-terrorist] coalition shows high efficiency of the joint actions,” the ministry said. “[These actions were] aimed at the elimination of the international terrorist groups in Syria.” The joint operation destroyed a number of ammunition stores in the area where militant gathered, reported RT.

Just a day before the airstrike, Russian Air Force and Turkey conducted a joint air raid. They were again targeting Islamic State objectives in Al-Bab area. The operation was well coordinated with the Syrian government and preliminary reports of the raid stated that it was successful.

Russia: US Denies Involvement

Amidst the airstrikes, U.S. completely denied the report made by the Russian defense ministry. Colonel John Dorrian of the U.S. Air Force, is the spokesperson for the U.S.-led coalition. He refuted the the reports about the joint airstrikes conducted. Colonel Dorrian said that such claims were “rubbish,” said Reuters.

Navy Capitan Jeff Davis said that their communication with Russia in Syria were restricted to routine “deconfliction.” These talks were made in order to stay away from unwanted aerial incidents in the area. He also stated that the U.S. was not into the coordination or the target-sharing with Russia.

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