Russia, China Surpassing America in Military Advancements

Russia, China Surpassing America in Military Advancements PHOTOGRAPH: Skeeze/Pixabay | Under Public Domain

Retired General Wesley Clark warned the United Stated that two rising nations will surpass it armed forces in a few years. The former NATO commander stated that it will be a story that the American public will want to hear. He believes that Russia and China will surpass the U.S. military advancement in a matter of years.

The former general made his point in an interview with John Catsimatidis. The interview aired on New York’s AM 970 last Sunday. He stated that the U.S. will need more money for the defense budget on a sustained basis.

President Donald Trump’s proposed budgets made cuts on the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies. Trump boosted the military spending to $54 billion. However, Clark stated that the budget boost would not be enough to sustain its military capability.

Clark stated that by looking at what happened in the past 25 years, the U.S. has its military modernization in warm idle. The general said that the U.S. have done some research and looked at what was needed. Nonetheless, none of those knowledge matters because the U.S. have not bought any cutting-edge equipment.

Instead, the U.S. spend the budget on ordinance, bombers, missiles and rockets. The government is buying a weaponry system that simply blows holes in the ground and ‘sometimes hitting terrorists.’

Russia and China vs USA: Ex-NATO commander not confident with U.S. military advancement

The former NATO general compared the deficiency to Russia’s military advancement. Russia produced a new generation of armored forces. Russian President Vladimir Putin had equipped his military with the T-14 tank with an active protection on it. Clark stated that the America wants to have the T-14 in 2030, proving how far behind the U.S. in terms of weaponry.

Moreover, Clark sees that the U.S. cannot downplay Russia when it comes to air defense system. Basically, combining these factors can change the air or ground dominance. Clark lamented that the U.S. had air supremacy in the past but is losing its touch in the present time.

The general not only cited Russia but China as well. Clark said that the military advances that China is making will overpower America. He believes that China will gain regional air superiority over the U.S.

U.S.’s nuclear program is also far behind. The Russians and the Chinese already developed new and advanced nuclear programs. Clark described a new Russian air defense system which China used, “It changes the air-ground dominance where the United States could easily get air supremacy in the past.”

According to the ex-NATO commander, the Chinese have a second aircraft carrier which is visibly under construction. He claims that the Chinese will build two more carriers within this decade. Clark added that the U.S. air, satellite and drone systems are vulnerable to any electromagnetic disruption. He finds the predicament ‘worrisome’ for the future of the U.S. armed forces.

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