Russia Pursues Advancement in Battlefield Technology With Hypersonic and Plasma Weapons

Russia Pursues Advancement in Battlefield Technology With Hypersonic and Plasma Weapons PHOTOGRAPH: Pixabay/WikiImages |

Trying to make further advancements in the battlefield technology, Russia is now developing laser, electromagnetic and plasma weapons. These weapons could be fired at “hypersonic” speed. Kremlin is funding the research for these weapons using new materials.

Russia: Hypersonic Speed Weapons

Yuri Borisov, the Russian deputy defense minister, stated that the development is being formulated by the Russian Academy of Sciences. The defense ministry is also involved. In addition, he said that this would lead to an immense breakthrough in the arena of laser and electromagnetic weapons.

Borisov stated that hypersonic weapons will be developed next. Moreover, he said that these would need the use of new materials and control systems. These would operate in a absolutely different medium, in plasma.

According to Independent UK, hypersonic speed is equivalent to almost 3,800mph. This means that hypersonic speed go beyond five times the speed of sound. In contrast, the average speed of a regular bullet is almost to 1,700mph.

“Interaction between the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Defense Ministry has specific goals, first of all, in developing the scientific and technical potential.” the deputy defense minister said. “We expect an especially serious breakthrough in the field of laser issues, electromagnetic weapons and so on.” While Russian soldiers are being given special courses in using special weapon, the government also urged the academic institutes to help them with new approaches, said TASS.

Russia: US And UK’s Developments

Furthermore, the United States President Donald Trump had also revealed that the principal framework of his defense policy. It included a promise of not allowing other nations to go ahead of America’s military capability. In the wake of this announcement, the Russian government made their declaration.

On the other hand, the military engineers have created their own series of alternative weapons for the U.S. army. The U.S. Navy already had 30-kilowatt laser weapon. This weapon could shoot drones out of the sky.

In addition, Britain is trying to speed up efforts to create next-generation weaponry. The Ministry of Defense had announced earlier that the government is investing £30 million on a prototype laser weapon. Harriet Baldwin, the British defense minister, said that the project is absolutely groundbreaking.

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