Roswell UFO Incident is Real and US Government Just Covered it Up According to a Professor

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Roswell UFO Incident is Real and US Government Just Covered it Up According to a Professor PHOTOGRAPH: christianplass | christianplass of Pixabay with CC0 Public Domain

Don Donderi, professor at McGill University, claimed that the Roswell UFO incident was actually real. He also said that the US Government just covered it up. Donderi teaches a course about the existence of extraterrestrials.

Roswell UFO Incident: Don Donderi’s Version

The entire Roswell incident took place right after the Kenneth Arnold sighting in 1947. Arnold was a private pilot who flew up in the Cascade. He went through a famous UFO sighting in 1947 in the lead up to the Roswell incident.

Donderi stated that the US Government collected the remains of a wrecked unidentified flying object. He said that it was certainly an extraterrestrial vehicle. Furthermore, the professor believed that they also got bodies of dead aliens.

When Donderi was asked about the reason for so much secrecy, he said that it was all about the advanced technology. He said that we are under technological surveillance by superior beings from other planets. It was complete unknown to us how they do what they do, he told Montreal Gazette.

There comes the secrecy, as governments discover new technology, they would want to understand how it works. Their first concern, said Donderi, would be to protect their own turf. Thus, he said, governments would not share it with the world.

Donderi holds classes at McGill University. There he teaches a course called UFOs: History and Reality. The course chiefly outlines why unidentified flying objects are real and so are extraterrestrials.

Donderi is a PhD in psychology from Cornwell University. The reason he teaches a course on extraterrestrials is due to his lifelong interest in the same. Moreover, he believed that aliens exist “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Roswell UFO Incident: Jan Harzan’s Version

Meanwhile, Jan Harzan of MUFON, sahred the same view about the Roswell incident. In an interview with Forbes,  he asked for everyone to get a copy of the video presentation of “Recollections of Roswell.” The video was recorded by MUFON member and well-known UFO researcher Stanton Friedman.

In the video there are around 30 interviews from survivors of Roswell. These were interviews of first-hand witnesses, their spouses and their children. Harzan said that these interviews would send chills up a person’s spine.

He stressed that if one would not believe the extraordinary situation from the video, then nothing could convince one. In addition, he said that it was not a weather balloon. Government maintained secrecy because, he said, the population of this planet was not ready for such revelations.

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