Rodrigo Duterte’s Kins are ISIS Members, the President Suspects

Rodrigo Duterte’s Kins are ISIS Members, the President Suspects Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte (Keith Bacongco / Flickr)

It’s well-known that the now Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte is from the Southern part of his country, which is where most of the terrorists reign. In 2016, his hometown, Davao City, was attacked by an extremist group, claiming to be part of the Islamic State (ISIS).

The President had a recent interview with Rappler, a Philippine- based online news site, wherein he disclosed some information involving his kins. Per the Philippine strongman, some of his family members may be involved with ISIS.

“They [Isis] seems to be everywhere,” he told Rappler’s Maria Ressa. “To be frank, I have cousins on the other side, with MI and MN. Some, I heard, are with ISIS.”

Before 2016 ends, Davao and Cotabato cities were bombed in different attacks. The first one was at a night market in Davao, which killed 14 and wounded 70. The latter one was a blast outside the Cotabato region on Christmas Eve that wounded around 13. Duterte affirmed both attacks are linked to ISIS.

Keen on what he must utter, Rodrigo Duterte said he is not ready yet to share his information on the matter. He further explained he had discussed the threat posed by the Islamic group with other heads of state.

Meanwhile, Abu Sayyaf, the ISIS-affiliated militant group, claimed responsibility for the Davao attack. At that time, Duterte said the investigators were also looking at the possible involvement of drug syndicates.

The Abu Sayyaf group is based in the south-west of the Philippines. It’s also where Islamist Moro groups have sparked a violent insurgency for decades.

Leader Of Pro-ISIS Killed In The PH

On January 5, Mohammad Jaafar Maguid, the founder of Ansarul Khilafa Islamiya Philippines, was killed in an encounter with security forces at a beach resort in Sarangani. The Independent reports three of his bodyguards were captured during the encounter around 1 am.

Police said three of his bodyguards were arrested during the encounter at Angel beach resort in Barangay Kitagas at around 1 a.m. Maguid, known abroad as Abu Shareefa al-Filibini, headed the Ansarul Khilafa Philippines (AKP). The group is among the most violent Islamic militant troops in Mindanao. They have been carrying deadly attacks on civilians to win support from ISIS.