Robots to Ravage Humans by Stealing Their Jobs

Robots to Ravage Humans by Stealing Their Jobs Pixabay

Industrial robots continue to insinuate the workforce in a bid to speed up and increase production efficiencies. This results to  an annual revenue that would exceed $30 billion in 2020 and nearly $45 billion in 2025.

Advancement Of Industrial Robots

The automotive remains the top customers of industrial systems. In line with this, the food packaging, pharmaceutical and cosmetics segments would demonstrate the fastest growth over the next decade. That said, a massive amount of workers that belong to these segments are in the edge of losing their jobs.

“The industrial robotic market is driven by the demand for increasing levels of speed, precision and production flexibility,” says the research director at ABI Research, Philip Solis. “Other demand contributors include the introduction of robotics automations into industries that did not previously benefit from robotic industrial automation or new classes of applications.”

The Asia-Pacific region currently leads in shipments of industrial robots, which counts approximately 65 percent of the global market. Its giant country, China, is solely responsible for about one-third of the worldwide shipments.

On the other hand, one-half of the world wide shipments are accounted by ABB. That includes Yamaha, Yaskawa, Kuka, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Stäubli, Nachi Fujikoshi and Epson Robots among other major shipment contributors.

Robots To Ravage Humans?

Meanwhile, a lot of companies in the United States have started acquiring robots, replacing humans as their main workers. In one of The Guardian’s articles, the site has reported a case involving a McDonalds branch in New York City. Not that there’s something greatly different, but that when you entered the store, there no usual crew to greet you.

Upon entering, hungry people are welcomed by a “Create Your Taste” kiosk — an automated touch-screen system that allows customers to customize their own orders without needing to interact with another human being.

The site also affirms it’s impossible to say how many people lost their jobs due to the automated kiosks. McDonald’s hasn’t released numbers of how many of its people were out. Moreover, since Donald Trump is about to assume office, it was also noted that “such innovations will be an increasingly familiar sight in Trump’s America.”

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