Robotic Coffin With Auto-Pilot Ability Is the Future of Funerals

Robotic Coffin With Auto-Pilot Ability Is the Future of Funerals PHOTOGRAPH: Instagram/Charles Bombardier |

Funerals will go high-tech with the new robotic coffin that has an autopilot ability. The Aeternal is a driverless hearse which the company developed to offer a luxurious burial. The driverless coffin also has a multimedia feature attached to it. The Aeternal coffins are sold separately. The concept came from Abishek Roy, founder of Lunatic Koncepts.

A robotic coffin will be the new trend for funerals

The vehicle’s concept tried to re-imagine the current hearses which evolved from the autopilot technology, as well as the robotics and multimedia. The family of the departed can choose to display the remains in a raised and clear plastic coffin. The coffin has an air conditioning feature that will keep the remains in an impeccable condition.

The family can maneuver the driverless hearse in different places, including the funeral home, the church, and the cemetery. The Aeternal is mounted on mecanum wheels which can rotate and execute maneuvers even in tight spots. The mecanum wheel can move freely in different directions which allow the Aeternal to move independently. Moreover, the autopilot hearse can fit in any space without damaging the floors.

A remote control can maneuver the direction of the robotic coffin. During the march to the funeral home or to the church, the Aeternal can follow the person walking in front of it. Additionally, the family can pre-set a path for the hearse. The controls can also manage the speed and avoid possible obstacles within its path.

The casket is transparent, which will allow the mourners to see and pay their final respects to the departed. The family can opt to remove or replace the cover prior to the burial. Most noteworthy, the family can upload or stream music and pictures into the Aeternal. Through its multimedia projector, the Aeternal can project holographic content on the floor. Meanwhile, the speakers can play favorite songs of the deceased during the procession.

Where did the Aeternal originate?

Basically, the Aeternal originated from the Korbiyor, a concept which Charles Bombardier created. The difference is the Aeternal’s update with its design and features. The Korbiyor’s design makes the coffin convenient and accessible for the family during the whole ceremony, including the procession, the service, and the burial.

Like the Aeternal the Korbiyor’s technology allows it to follow a procession leader. It also has the specific route at a set speed, programmed to avoid objects in its path. The family can choose to raise or lower the coffin to let the crowd see the deceased. The possibility that the coffin will get warm due to the environment will not be a concern because the Korbiyor included an air conditioning system as well.

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