Robotic and Aerospace Engineers Redesign McDonald’s Drinking Straw


McDonald’s announced that the company invented a new kind of straw for drinking. McDonald’s new drinking straw would help to broaden the line of Shamrock Shakes. The company acknowledged its own vulnerability in the face of problems like viscosity-induced straw collapse. The company tapped aerospace and robotics engineering firms JACE and NK Labs to create a new way to move semi-solid liquids from the cup to the mouth with minimum fuss. Hence, the engineers produced the S.T.R.A.W. for McDonald’s.

McDonald’s New Drinking Straw Goes High-Tech

The acronym S.T.R.A.W stands for Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal. It is the new design which appear like the u-bend in a sink, which will likely utilize milkshake pressure. The engineers strategically cut holes to permit much better circulation and mix of the shake’s ingredients.

McDonald’s revealed the S.T.R.A.W. by means of a big Facebook Live event, complete with adoringly rendered pans over its sleek surface. It will be available in limited quantities to individuals who actually desire a fancy crafted straw that is available in its own outrageous case. Meanwhile, McDonald’s has yet to put any engineers on the problem of fixing the Shamrock Shakes’ persistent unusual chemical aftertaste.

Tech YouTuber Austin Evans hosted the Facebook Live event. McDonald’s Darci Forrest, senior director of the company’s innovation group, joined the event as well. In addition, the robotics and aerospace engineers from the companies JACE and NK Labs were also present.

McDonald’s New Drinking Straw: Engineers designed the S.T.R.A.W for drink optimization

McDonald’s chose to re-engineer the straw above all other mechanisms. The innovation is a J-shaped straw with strategically-placed holes designed to optimize the consumption of the drink. The decision is a part of a marketing relocation for McDonald’s brand-new Chocolate Shamrock Shake. Generally the Chocolate Shamrock Shake is a chocolate milkshake with minty spices. Rather than waiting for the beverage to melt so that the customer can mix the flavors, the straw can instantly sip the minty spices and chocolate shake at the same time.

The simple drinking straw is pretty simple in terms of its design and performance. It is a hollow tube that allows people to sip liquid through it. There are a range of designs like straws that can flex, straws with a small scoop at the end. However at the end of the day, all the other straws are the same unlike the McDonald’s new straw.

According to McDonald’s, this innovation is not as basic as simply cutting an extra hole. Accordingly, the straw required  some complicated computational fluid characteristics and simulations to get the circulation right. Sadly, McDonald’s will limit the straw distribution. McDonald’s stated that customers interested with the high-tech straw can check their website in the upcoming weeks.

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Commercial

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