Robotic Albert Einstein Can Tutor Kids in Science, Math and Physics

Robotic Albert Einstein Can Tutor Kids in Science, Math and Physics PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Erik (HASH) Hersman |

Hanson Robotics has designed a robotic Albert Einstein, called Professor Einstein, which debuted on Kickstarter on January 23. The robotic lookalike of the genius professor not only replicates his behaviorism, but also his intellect. Knowledgeable in subjects like science, math and physics, it is supposed to tutor kids in an interactive manner.

Who better to tell one all about the theory of relativity that Albert Einstein himself? Professor Einstein, with his white sweater, black pants and long, milky-white hair, is ready to impart scientific knowledge to fifth graders. It also copies the subtle mannerisms of the famous eccentric professor. While delivering his speeches, his forehead will crease often, his finger will point at a direction and even stick out his tongue.

Features of the Robotic Albert Einstein

The Albert Einstein robot is fitted with Wi-Fi. Hence, it has the capability to constantly update one’s learning experience by downloading latest educational apps from the cloud. Kickstarter also throws in a year’s free subscription of the cloud service.

According to Engadget, the Einstein robot has both offline and online modes. And out of the two, its offline mode seems to be the more effective one. While offline, Professor Einstein connects to Stein-o-Matic, an assisting app, which helps children learn, through attractive visual aids.

The innovative robot makes sure that learning math never gets monotonous for kids. It can install hours of free interactive games on one’s iPad or Android Tablet that lets one have some “brain-teasing fun.” But in case one is totally fed up of being engrossed in studies, one can also discuss topics like weather and celebrities. This is because Professor Einstein can recognize speech and respond accordingly when spoken to.

Robotic Alber Einstein Limitations, Price And Pre-Order Details

In addition, the robotic Albert Einstein can arrange one’s calendar and to-do list. All it needs is to hear one’s future schedule just once to remember it and automatically set a reminder. The only limitation of the little robot is the fact that it needs t be charged every 3 hours.

People who want to be the first in line to get their hands on the adorable robotic Albert Einstein on Kickstarter. However, they need to wait until April before it is shipped to one’s doorstep by the company. Albert Einstein robot is priced at $249.

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