Rideable, Flying Hoverbike Developed in Russia


Creating personal aerial vehicles is clearly a 2017 goal for most companies. Now, a Russian company announced that it developed a flying hoverbike that could carry one single passenger. Hoversurf made Hoversurf Scorpion in order to keep up with the latest trend of flying vehicles.

Did Star Wars predicted the Hoverbike?

Hoversurf is a start-up company with offices in San Francisco in the U.S. and Moscow, Russia. The company developed the Hoversurf Scorpion which is a single-seater hoverbike. It is not a flying motorbike since the functions only involve take-off and landing. Basically, it cannot roll on the streets. It is a quadcopter drone which looks like podracers from Star Wars.

However, the difference of the Hoversurf Scorpion to the podracers from Star Wars is its power source. The Star Wars’ podracers power the turbine, ion and rocket motors which are linked by plasma energy binders. Meanwhile the Hoversurf featured four huge rotors at the front and back seat, which is located at knee height.

Test flight for the Russian Hoverbike turned out successfully

The company published a video which showed a successful test flight of the Hoversurf. Typically, the pilot sits on the hoverbike and leans forward. The pilot placed his elbows flat on the surface in front of him as the hoverbike increases momentum in the air. In order to maneuver the hoverbike, the pilot controls two joysticks. He pushed them forward to accelerate while moving them left or right when turning.

The test flight took place inside a deserted factory. Some experts estimated that the Hoversurf can travel a distance about 50m at the height about 10 feet, however, the estimation are only based from the video.

The company has not provided any technical detail for the new innovation. Nonetheless, the aerial vehicle can cope with extreme weather conditions. The makers employed customized software which enabled full manual and automated control for the hoverbike’s pilot. The company designed the hoverbike with a safety system. The safety functions include state-of-the-art flight controllers, logical programming and sensors that gauge altitude.

Critics raise safety concerns on the Hoversurf

Finally, the star-up recommended that the pilots of the hoverbike must wear special helmet and eye guard. The pilots must also wear motorcross trousers, boots, knee pads, chest protector and gloves when riding the hoverbike. However, critics are wary over the safety hazard that the exposed propellers displayed which are not facing downwards like most aerial drone-vehicles. If left unchecked, it could amputate the legs of the pilot in the event of an accident.

To know more about the Hoversurf head on to its website. To know more about what critics are saying read the report from The Verge.

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