‘Resident Evil 7’ Season Pass Content, ‘The Last Chapter’ Releases After Game

‘Resident Evil 7’ Season Pass Content, ‘The Last Chapter’ Releases After Game Rob Obsidian / Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Capcom has given everyone a glimpse of what the Resident Evil 7 Season Pass will include. After the latest demo was released, fans clamored for more information. Now, it is revealed that the game is expected to come with multiple DLCs.

Resident Evil 7 Season Pass Content

All Season Pass content, as stated in the game’s Steam page, shall be available at the end of 2017. Not enough info has been provided. Thus, gamers can only rely on hints and instinct to know the contents of the package.

The Season Pass grants you access to a so-called “additional story episode.” It will also come with Volume 1 of Banned Footage, which consists of “Nightmare,” “Bedroom” and “Ethan Must Die.” Volume 2 will comprise of “21,” “Daughters” and “Jack’s 55th Birthday.” One can only guess what these banned footage contains.

There is still no price included. It should be noted that Resident Evil 7 costs $60. The Deluxe version, on the other hand, costs $90, and that includes the Season Pass itself.

Take note that purchasing Season Passes cannot be undone. Once bought, it cannot be cancelled or refunded. Think wisely before deciding on diving more into the world of Resident Evil 7 through the pass.

‘Resident Evil 7’ and the final RE Movie

Meanwhile, U.S. customers are in for a treat. If gamers pre-order from GameStop or the Xbox Store, they are eligible to “get the RE7 Survival Pack bonus and also be eligible for a digital copy of the Resident Evil: Retribution movie.” Meanwhile, PSN pre-orders allow you to be eligible for a 40% off coupon from the PlayStation Store to purchase Resident Evil movies.

“If you’ve already pre-ordered RE7, don’t worry!” according to Capcom Unity. “You’re still covered and will receive the movie bonus as well.”

Resident Evil 7, finally, will be available on January 24 for the PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is set for a January 27 release. Die-hard RE fans are surely going to go with both.

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