Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Spoilers: 10 Hours Might Be Enough to Complete Game, Three DLCs on Deck

Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Spoilers: 10 Hours Might Be Enough to Complete Game, Three DLCs on Deck PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Dimitry Kislichenko | Screenshot of the game Resident Evil 5 from from Dimitry Kislichenko/Flickr CC

One of the biggest franchises in the gaming market will make noise once again. The Resident Evil 7 game is about to hit the market. And based on recent reports, it is just as thrilling as its predecessors.

A zombie outbreak is a theme that has made blockbuster television shows and films into instant successes. An infection breaks loose and wrecks havoc in the densely populated areas of the city. Now the undead run wild and hungry, and the few survivors have to make it through the apocalypse.

The latest video game news are further details on the upcoming Resident Evil 7 gameplay. It is roughly been the same type of gameplay for years, but what makes it different are the add-ons. Spoilers have started flooding the Internet and players are revealing just about everything that happens in the game.

Too Much Resident Evil 7 Information

According to Game Rant, some leaked copies have already made its rounds online. However, there are a handful of patient gamers who have decided to wait it out. So far the only safe information worth noting is that the game can be finished within 10 hours. It can also be finished in 20 hours if players try to maximize their skills and explore their surroundings.

The information was revealed when a player posted his final stats online. According to ThisGenGaming, the image revealed his playtime of 10 hours and fifteen minutes. It even revealed the number of restarts he’s used, which amounted to 110.

Though it seems that the gamer was able to finish in record time, others may opt to take their time in the game. After all, the immersive environment is breathtaking, plus Capcom has embraced a lot of new ideas in the series. Although, based on the gameplay, the game has a bit of the classic elements as well as the new ones.

When Resident Evil was released by Capcom years ago, its survival horror concept became a hit. From then on, it branched out into films, novels, comic books and even merchandise. It’s humble beginnings in 1996 has grown into one of the most successful of all time. The Resident Evil 7 game will be released on January 24, 2017 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.


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