Recording Desktop Videos Using Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Recording Desktop Videos Using Movavi Screen Capture Studio PHOTOGRAPH: Movavi |

Recording video footage of your desktop along with any open windows or apps is how many how-to guides are created. The fact that they can show the actions that are being performed on your computer makes them uniquely suited to that task, but it is far from the only way that it can be used. By recording video footage of your desktop screen, you could save any content that is on it – including video calls, online streaming videos, and more.

The one thing that you’ll need to record desktop videos is a screen recorder, and you’ll find that there are a number of options out there. Some may seem complicated and difficult to use, while others may have limitations of their own – which is why if you want an easy yet fully configurable way to record desktop videos you should try Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

Setting up Movavi Screen Capture Studio to Record Videos

In contrast to most other options, Movavi Screen Capture Studio is much easier to set up – even the very first time that you use it. If you’d like to get started, launch the software and select the ‘Record screen’ option in the main window.

Next you should define part of your desktop that you want to record, by drawing a frame using your mouse cursor then adjusting it if necessary. If you prefer you can click on a specific window to have Movavi Screen Capture Studio record it, or you could select one of the presets in the interface that will appear.

On the interface you’ll also be able to set the audio sources that you want to record, by clicking on the ‘System Audio’ or ‘Microphone’ icons to toggle them. It is possible for Movavi Screen Capture Studio to record audio from both sources simultaneously, and you can adjust the volume levels of each using the sliders beside the icons.

Within the menus you’ll find several other options and settings that you can use to capture keyboard and mouse actions, automate the recording, adjust the frame rate, and more. When you’re satisfied, click ‘REC’ so that Movavi Screen Capture Studio begins recording, and then use the ‘Pause’, ‘Cancel’ or ‘Stop’ buttons to control it.

After you click on the ‘Stop’ button, Movavi Screen Capture Studio will save the video as an MKV file and open a ‘Preview’ window. In that ‘Preview’ window you can opt to save it in a different format, or open it in the built-in editor to improve it further. That should cover everything you need to know, but if you’d like more detailed instructions you can find them at

Edit and Improve Videos

As you can imagine the built-in editor will give you a number of features that will let you tweak, adjust, improve and polish your video. To be more specific Movavi Screen Capture Studio will allow you to merge clips together, trim out unwanted parts, add animated transitions, insert audio tracks, apply special effects and filters, include customizable captions, edit audio tracks, enhance the video quality, and more.

Effectively these features will allow you to take the raw footage that you record using Movavi Screen Capture Studio, and process it or even transform it into impressive-looking video content of your own. The best part is that the intuitive approach of the editor will make it easy for you to make any changes you require to your videos.

In short regardless of whether you want to record your very own how-to guides or just save content from your screen, Movavi Screen Capture Studio will provide you with the tools that you need. The fact that it can be set up so easily makes it a great way to start recording video footage of your desktop quickly.