Queen Elizabeth Retirement Won’t Happen Soon, Know Why

Queen Elizabeth Retirement Won’t Happen Soon, Know Why

Great Britain’s leader suffered a severe cold and her people stumbled. Now, there are talks if the abuzz Queen Elizabeth retirement is fast approaching or not going to happen anytime soon.

The Queen is 90 and age would be an easy way for people to predict she had enough. However, regardless of her age and current health issues, it looks like the rumored retirement won’t happen soon.

Here’s Why The Speculated Queen Elizabeth Retirement Won’t Happen

First things first, the Great Britain relies solely on its royal majesty. Moreover, she gets public approval as years go by, thus, gaining more popularity, love and respect.

To elaborate more, the Queen is her country’s heart and soul. She legitimizes all the laws. She appoints all the ministers. Parliamentarians must swear an oath of fealty to her. Ambassadors negotiate in her name.

Back in 1999, according to Reuters, the Australians even tried to arrogate her, but had failed. The Queen is one of the most popular leader in the world and aged gracefully all throughout the years. Amid the growing concern regarding her health, however, she would not step down anytime soon.

No One In The Royal Family Could Replace Her?

There are reports emerging that say the Queen is worried that Britain’s monarchy won’t survive without her. Moreover, she allegedly thinks none of her heirs could handle the responsibilities.

John Lloyd, a royal commenter even wrote, “It is on paper simple: to her eldest son, Charles, Prince of Wales, 68 last month. But here’s the rub. Though less unpopular than he was during the divorce from Princess Diana in 1996, and after her death in 1997, his approval ratings remain mediocre, and even admirers think he should abjure the throne for his elder son, Prince William.”

Prince William, on the other hand, has gained nothing but public approval ever since. Aside from his and his family’s charm, he is dedicated to his work. Thus, a lot of people think he deserves the throne more than his father does.