Queen Elizabeth Retirement: Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles Could Take Over Soon

Queen Elizabeth Retirement: Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles Could Take Over Soon PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr / Foreign and Commonwealth Office. |

Is the Queen Elizabeth retirement coming to pass any time soon? Keep reading!

It’s not usual for the people of England not to see their majesty during the traditional Christmas morning church service in Sandringham estate. However, Queen Elizabeth II’s bad cold hindered her from attending this year’s aforementioned event.

Her absence, though, is now raising concerns about the 90-year-old Queen’s health. Her majesty almost never missed out the service, which is a cornerstone of the royal family’s Christmas festivities.

That’s also a moment for the royal family to mingle with the locals who gather around to get a glimpse of them, most especially the Queen.

“The Queen continues to recover from a heavy cold and will stay indoors to assist with her recovery,” the Buckingham Palace said. “Her Majesty will participate in the royal family Christmas celebrations during the day.”

England’s yearly celebration includes a gala lunch and in recent years, the royal family would also go for extended walks in the countryside, Fox News reported.

Queen Elizabeth Retirement

The Queen has maintained a healthy lifestyle and even more, an active schedule given her age. However, she travels a lot less than she used to. She also recently stepped down as the head of about 20 charities she handles to lighten her work load.

Prince Philip, on the other hand, has also missed out a lot of public schedules these past few years. The 95-year-old prince was reportedly suffering from a severe cold as well, but has managed to attend the Christmas mass anyway.

The absence of the royal couple has put a lot in frenzy, wondering if the Queen and Prince Philip’s health are deteriorating.

Prince Charles And Camilla Parker Bowles To Take Over Soon?

Since the Queen wasn’t able to lead the festivities, Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles took the role. The two lead their entire family on their annual pilgrimage to Sandringham Estate.

Given the Queen’s current age, there are now reports speculating it’s time for Prince Charles to reign. However, Celebrity Dirty Laundry site suggests the Queen would rather choose Prince Williams and Kate Middleton take over the throne.

There has been no confirmed news yet whether the Queen is really retiring or not. Stay tuned!