Queen Elizabeth’s Health Issues Sparks Succession Talks, Know More About the Royal Family Line Here

Queen Elizabeth’s Health Issues Sparks Succession Talks, Know More About the Royal Family Line Here Queen Elizabeth Chatham House/Flickr CC

The public have been talking about the Royal Family line last December after reports say that the Queen was ill. Queen Elizabeth II, 90, missed the traditional Christmas church service for the first time in decades.

The reason for her absence was attributed to a heavy cold. This led for the Britons and their constituents to realize the mortality of the longest reigning monarch in history.

Queen Elizabeth is the world’s longest-reigning living monarch. She is also the longest-reigning monarch in the history of Britain. The Huffington Post reported that the Queen stayed in her Sandringham country residence in eastern England.

The media went in an uproar after learning about the Queen’s illness. A week after her cold, the Queen is back on track. She emerged looking healthy and ready to resume her duties. This gave the public a sigh of relief.

Despite the good news on the Queen’s good health, the people could not help but wonder about the Royal succession. The public are interested to learn on what will happen to the royal family once the Queen dies.

The Royal Family Line of Succession

For many, the death of Queen Elizabeth would be a sentimental moment. However, the public has to face the reality that will soon come. It must be noted that once the Queen dies, the monarchy will be turned over to Prince Charles. According to Express UK, he is the first in line for the throne since 1952.

The second-in-line is Prince William since he is the eldest son of Prince Charles. Prince Harry used to be the third-in-line. When Prince William and Kate Middleton, gave birth to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, Prince Harry was pushed down. Prince Harry is now the fifth person who is amenable for the throne.

The sixth-in-line for the throne would be Prince Charles’ brother, Prince Andrew. Prince Andrew’s daughters, Princess Beatrice and Eugenie are the seventh and eighth monarchs in-line for the throne.

Charles’ brother, Prince Edward is the ninth person eligible for the throne. Prince Edward’s children, Viscount James and Lady Louis will be the next in line for the throne. The only daughter of Queen Elizabeth, Princess Royal Anne is the twelfth-in-line for the throne.

The list of succession goes on up to Queen Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret, and brothers, Prince Henry and Prince George. The public knows that the Queen would soon pass, but many are hoping that it will still be far in the future.

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