Queen Elizabeth Breaks Her Promise, Know More About the Monarch’s New Companion at Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth Breaks Her Promise, Know More About the Monarch’s New Companion at Buckingham Palace PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr / Foreign and Commonwealth Office. |

News about the British Monarchy are always fun to read, but recently Queen Elizabeth seems to be making tons of headlines. The Royal Watchers and the rest of the world are always on their feet when it comes to the latest royal news. Just about anything gets highlighted if it involves the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth’s New Dogs

The latest news is that the Queen has taken in more dogs. This comes a bit of a shock, as she vowed not to take in new companions at the palace. She made the decision back in 2015 when the upkeep for puppies were too much. In fact, she declined the offer of two puppies from her granddaughter Princess Beatrice.

However, according to The Telegraph, Queen Elizabeth has been taking care of two dogs. The two dogs were owned by her previous gamekeeper. Bill Fenwick was the keeper of the corgis at the Sandringham estate in Norfolk.

After Queen Elizabeth got better from her cold, she would walk his dogs around the estate. She did this as Mr. Fenwick was too ill to do it himself. Unfortunately, he died last week at age 95, just two years after his wife’s passing. The late couple owned two dogs — a Bichon Frise and a corgi.

Now, it seems the Queen will be breaking her vow to take in the Fenwicks’ corgi that she gave to them as a gift. Of course, the other dog will be taken in as well. According to Daily Mail, a royal insider noted that the Queen really did not want young dogs, but she was getting very fond of the two Fenwick pups.

A Close Friend’s Passing

Bill Fenwick started working for the Queen at her country estate 30 years ago. He and his wife were even given a two-storey house near Windsor. This was so Nancy Fenwick would look after and train the dogs while the Queen was doing International engagements.

The Fenwicks and the Queen were very close and built up a close bond. Thus, she is currently very saddened by Bill’s sudden passing. When Nancy died two years prior, she even attended her funeral.

The Queen currently has one corgi named Willow. The 90-year-old monarch also owns two corgi-dachshund crosses, Candy and Vulcan. Her favorite pup Holly had to be put down several months ago due to old age and illnesses.


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