Quantico Season 2 Episode 13: A Traitor Will Be Unmasked

Quantico Season 2 Episode 13: A Traitor Will Be Unmasked PHOTOGRAPH: Quantico Official Facebook Page |

Quantico Season 2 episode 13 will finally reveal who the traitor is among the agents. For a while now there were news of rogue agents working two sides and the characters were having trouble figuring that out. However, one of the person will finally put an end to all the questions.

The events of the series are picking up as the episodes progress. In fact, the upcoming Quantico Season 2 episode 13, titled “EPICSHELTER” could be the one episode that changes everything. The Farm is starting to lose control and the cover of the mole will get blown very soon.

More Drama Revealed in Quantico Season 2 Episode 13

According to the official synopsis, the recruits are learning how to burn everything down if they get exposed. On the other hand, a mysterious death leads to a sudden FBI Investigation at the Farm. Just when things seems not crazy enough, Alex returns to the crisis zone and exposes the true traitor within the CIA organization.

Although the curiosity on finding out who the traitor is exciting, other fans are not as thrilled. If the traitor happens to be a key character in the series, then he will no longer be part of the series in the future. However, the writers can not pursue the story without making some sacrifices. It is a “go big or go home” scenario where a big twist is vital to the story.

Twist And Turns Await for Quantico Season 2 Episode 13

In the previous episode, “FALLENORACLE” there were a lot of misdirects when it came to the story. Apart from Alex and the recruits getting trapped with a group of hostages and terrorists, they also had to escape the farm through a dark and scary tunnel. Here the terrorists are supposed to have revealed themselves.

Unfortunately, while the episode was supposed to reveal new information on the terrorists, there were more twists in the story. Owen and Alex are on the hunt to uncover the AIC, or rogue CIA operative group. While their first discovery reveals where the NSA data is being funneled, Sebastian’s non-CIA girlfriend Carly reveals herself to be the AIC.

This was a major plot twist that saved the episode from its many misdirection. In particular, Carly’s character was a bit of a bore. So it was a surprise when she revealed that she was part of the AIC. Sadly, Sebastian shoots her after she shoots him. It is a big mystery on whether they both survive. Quantico Season 2 Episode13 “EPICSHELTER” will air on ABC 10/9 c on Monday.


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