Quadrantids Meteor Shower: Peak Time, Date And Fun Trivias About The Fireball

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Quadrantids Meteor Shower: Peak Time, Date And Fun Trivias About The Fireball Esperando a que cayeran las Cuadrántidas / Waiting for the Quadrantids Eneas De Troya / Flickr cc

The first major meteor shower of 2017 comes as early as January 3 when the North American night sky lights up with the Quadrantids display!

If you are racking your brains trying to remember a constellation called the Quadrantid, know that it is of no use. This particular meteor shower got its name from the Quadrans Muralis constellation, which no longer exists.

The now-obsolete constellation was originally invented by J.J. Lalande back in 1795. It was done mainly to commemorate a star-gazing instrument invented by him at that time.

However, the point of origin of the meteor shower has since shifted to the constellation of Bootes, but its namesake remains the same.

Quadrantids Meteor Shower Time And Date

It can be observed on January 3, at 1400 GMT, which is 9 a.m. Eastern Time and 6 a.m. Pacific Time.

The best view of the shower can be observed every year in the western half of North America. A maximum of 60-120 meteor streaks per hour can be seen at the peak hours, as reported by Science At NASA.

According to Space, the Quadrantids will not be hindered by moonlight in anyway, making for a spectacle of a lifetime.

The meteors appear bright blue in color, since their proximity to the earth burns up all the magnesium contained within them. Since the meteors break off from a relatively small comet, they do not cover a large expanse of the sky. Instead, they are limited to a narrow streak.

Be Ready To Fight The Chill!

Since it is the middle of winter, everyone who wishes to witness the marvel is advised to carry ample protection against the chill outside.

Sometimes, the blue streaks might not appear as scheduled. In that case, one might end up waiting for a long time out in the cold. A few warm blankets and a cup of hot cocoa would perfectly compliment a train of blue streaks flying above against the black sky.

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