Vladimir Putin Says Russia Achieved Invincible Nuclear Weapons Technology

Vladimir Putin Says Russia Achieved Invincible Nuclear Weapons Technology PHOTOGRAPH: President of Russia Official Website |

Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed during his annual state of the nation speech that Russia has developed strategic weapons that could reach anywhere in the world, warning that the West should take account the development as a new reality and understand that it is not a bluff. He also discussed the country’s digital growth as it is underway to become one of the world’s main hubs for storing and processing big data.

Putin also called for innovators to make more robots and advance the country’s capabilities in artificial intelligence. He encouraged more talents in this industry, envisioning for his country to be next choice for foreigners who will pursue studies in technological advancement.

In discussing about Russia’s new strategic weapon system, he started with telling that its developments were merely a response to the unilateral withdrawal of the US from the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002. He also said that Russia pushes through of its own nuclear weapon projects only after America’s deployment of their missile defense system beyond its national borders.

“We did our best to dissuade the Americans from withdrawing from the treaty. All in vain. The US pulled out of the treaty in 2002. Even after that we tried to develop constructive dialogue with the Americans,” Putin said during his speech.

The president then went about telling that Russia’s Sarmat missile has been intensified to make it more difficult to intercept for missile defense systems.

“Sarmat will be equipped with a broad range of powerful nuclear warheads, including hypersonic, and the most modern means of evading missile defence. The high degree of protection of missile launchers and significant energy capabilities the system offers will make it possible to use it in any conditions,” he went about telling his audience. He also talked about a submarine that can launch long-range missile which is capable of delivering a nuclear warhead.

Putin also elaborately explained the measurement of the speed of sound. “The speed of sound is Mach 1, speeds between Mach 1 and Mach 5 is called supersonic, and hypersonic is above Mach 5,” he said, adding that military experts dreamt of developing weapons with Mach 5 speed.

“Friends, Russia already has such a weapon,” he declared.

The transcript of his speech can be read in full here.

According to BBC, the president has used video presentations to demonstrate the powerful weapons. The report stated that one video appeared to show missiles being fired down on the US state of Florida.