Psychological Horror Game ‘Town Of Light’ Coming to PS4, Story Based on Real Life Incident

Psychological Horror Game ‘Town Of Light’ Coming to PS4, Story Based on Real Life Incident PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr / Leon Terra |

A new psychological thriller game called Town Of Light is making its way to PlayStation 4. There are a lot of games that get released every year but nothing compares to the thrill of horror games. There are different kinds of games on the market and all deliver on the same thing.

Depending on how much gamers can take, horror games can range from slightly spooky to all out heart pumping. The latest horror game release is titled the Town Of Light. This game was originally launched last year on PC. Now it is making its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the first half of the year.

Based On True Events

There were a lot of great reviews on the game and many are unaware it was actually inspired by true events. According to Gamespot, the game takes place in the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum in Italy. It was a real facility that operated for over a century before closing in the 1970s due to “extremely cruel practices.” Players will be stepping into the shoes of a resident named Renee.

The game is not suitable for children as it contains many themes that are not suitable to their age. For one the game covers a lot on mental illnesses and disturbing images. In essence it is still a horror game that may over stimulate a young child’s imaginative mind.

A New Kind Of Thrill

According to the official website, Renee is a 16-year-old boy who is trying to piece together her past. It is set in the first person in an interactive environment. The gameplay does not just have exploration involved, but it also has choices that can affect the game’s outcome.

One of the best things about this game is that it does not have the jump scares. This feature is a staple in many games to raise the thrill and suspense factor. However, Town Of Light aims to be the first horror game without it. Instead it focuses on the storyline and immersive haunting world.

Lastly, there is still no confirmed release date for Town Of Light yet. So interested players will have to wait for news in the coming months. The Italian Developer LKA, will also be releasing an improved version for PC as well. The new release will reportedly have new puzzles, story elements, and smoother gameplay.


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