PS4 vs Xbox One: Which Console Won The Sales Battle In 2016

PS4 vs Xbox One: Which Console Won The Sales Battle In 2016 Under CC BY-SA 4.0

The PS4 vs Xbox One battle continues as Sony announces their total sales in 2016. Sony proudly announced their achievement in the last part of 2016.

From November 21 to January 1, PlayStation 4 sold more than 6.2 million units during 2016’s holiday season. On the other hand, Microsoft did some impressive sales but refused to reveal the exact figures for 2016.

PS4 Sales Surpass 50-M Mark

According to IGN, Sony revealed that their PS4 hardware has sold more than 53.4 million units worldwide as of January 1. The 53.4 million accounts the retail sales to consumers from February 2014 to January 1, 2017.

Recently, Sony announced that the PS4 software sold more than 50.4 million copies during the 2016 holiday season. This record includes the sales from retail stores worldwide and digital download on the PlayStation Store as of January 1.

Xbox One Sales Number Remains A Mystery

Microsoft did not allow Sony to leave them out in the dust. On July 2016, the Xbox One was able to outsold PS4. Many Xbox fanatics were overjoyed about this new milestone.

Time reported that Xbox One remained in the shadow of PS4 for eight months. Microsoft’s new milestone surpassed Sony’s flagship in October 2015. After the sales of ‘Halo 5: Guardians,’ PS4 dominated the charts until July 2016.

Microsoft is known for refusing to reveal their total sales every year. Since 2015, Microsoft decided not to announce their total sales figures. Xbox Head Phil Spencer stated that the company will focus on the month active users (MAO) rather than on the sales. The company will stop on checking the console sales to gauge their success.

Spencer said that their game partners want the largest collection of active gamers. This gamers will ultimately buy and play the games of Xbox One.

He said that the company’s success is not about the numbers of the consoles he sell. He clarified that they are not hiding their sales. In summary, Spencer wants to focus on the engagement and enjoyment of the costumer.

PS4 vs Xbox One: Who won in 2016?

Most critics believe that PS4 won the sales in 2016. It is not unprecedented since PS4 has always been on the top.

However, there is no way to tell the exact figures of Xbox One in 2016. It is worth noting that Microsoft surpassed Sony’s sales in July 2016. Despite the competition, both platforms are aiming to provide an entertaining and seamless experience for their customers.

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