PS4 vs Xbox One: Microsoft Promises Exceptional Year With ‘Project Scorpio’

PS4 vs Xbox One: Microsoft Promises Exceptional Year With ‘Project Scorpio’ PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/BAGOGames |

The PS4 vs Xbox One feud is not slowing down any time soon. The year 2016 has just ended and the two companies are already bickering on their projects for 2017. Microsoft is stepping up its game as it promises an exceptional year with Project Scorpio.

PS4 vs Xbox One Sales Battle Continues

Sony has sold 6.2 million Playstation 4 units during the holiday season. Sony’s holiday sales brought up the companies figures 53.4 million units since 2014.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Xbox One has some impressive sales in 2016 after it surpassed PS4 in July. Most people believe that the PS4 won the sales battle. However, it is hard to determine since Microsoft did not divulge their exact sales for 2016.

In 2015, Microsoft announced that they are no longer relying on the total sales for their success. The company would rather focus on their monthly active users (MAO) to check their company’s achievements.

Microsoft wants to be on the pedestal as the company aims for a staggering success on Project Scorpio. The Tech Times reported that Microsoft has been talking about the project ever since the console was launched in 2016. Microsoft’s Project Scorpio focused on the 4K mantra.

Project Scorpio could be much better than PS4

Project Scorpio is set to be the next Xbox One console. If this is the case, Microsoft could be at par or even surpass Sony’s PS4 2017 sales.

Microsoft’s new console has a powerful system. Some experts believe that it might be even better than the PS4. The PS4 has 4.3-teraflops, while Project Scorpio have over 6-teraflops of GPU power.

In comparison, Sony’s PS4 has the capability to run video games at 4K. However, the PS4 console encounters some problems when it comes to graphically demanding games.

Aside from launching Project Scorpio, the company will also enhance Xbox Live. Gamespot reported that the company promises to deliver an exciting portfolio of new games.

The Xbox blog announced that their Xbox Live engagement reached an all-time high in November and December 2016. Microsoft successfully achieved over 3.9 billion hours in the Xbox Live engagement. This record is 23 percent higher than the previous year’s engagement reach.

PS4 have teased some of their plans for 2017. Sony haven’t announced any major update on their consoles for 2017. Despite the competition, both companies are aiming to provide a seamless experience for all their users.

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