Prince Harry, Kate Middleton Baby: Here’s Why Speculation Spread Online

Prince Harry, Kate Middleton Baby: Here’s Why Speculation Spread Online William and Kate attending a royal engagement. Image taken from Instagram/kensingtonroyal.

There is a lot of news regarding the British Royal family. However, the recent Prince, Harry, Kate Middleton baby news might just be the most far fetched one yet.

The British Monarchy doesn’t have a major part in government anymore, but they still hold a constitutional role in the country. Like many other existing royal families, they stand as a symbol of the sovereign powers of the past.

While many think that the royal family is free from scandals, that isn’t really the case. In fact, over the years, the paparazzi and media would always try to rat out a scandal by a royal.

The recent news would probably be the biggest shocker of the year as there are headlines suggesting a Prince Harry, Kate Middleton baby scandal.

Too Caught Up In A Game

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, a trivial game blunder suggested that Prince William’s wife and younger brother had a baby together.

The Shimmer and sparkle trivial game had a question that read “Prince Harry and Kate Middleton welcomed their second child in 2015, a girl named?” The answer to the question is Princess Charlotte, but the Prince Harry, Kate Middleton baby error put Prince William off.

Many knows that William is indeed the father of baby Charlotte, but it still left the Duke of Cambridge in shock and disgust. Although it may have been just a printing error, other speculations have come into play after considering William’s reaction.

Sibling Rivalry

There are speculations that the Duke is jealous of is younger brother. Not only is Harry the current royal heartthrob, thanks to his fun personality and charisma, the public loves him.

Also the Duchess of Cambridge is known to be fond of him, as noted by Mirror. There are a number of media outlets that reported Kate seems more comfortable around Harry. In fact, she was snapped giggling from a joke Harry told her at one event.

Despite being the most watched couple by the world, Kate and William seem stiff and awkward together. No one really knows what happens behind closed doors. Perhaps Kate’s bond with Harry could be the main reason William is still upset. No doubt it may take a while for the Prince Harry, Kate Middleton baby blunder to pass.