Pregnant Joseline Hernandez News: Threatens Baby Daddy Stevie J; Slams Drunk Accusations

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Pregnant Joseline Hernandez News: Threatens Baby Daddy Stevie J; Slams Drunk Accusations Joseline Hernandez Facebook

Pregnant Joseline Hernandez is firing back against the accusations of former baby daddy Stevie J. Amidst claims of Stevie J that she has been using drugs throughout her pregnancy with their child, the Love & Hip Hop ATL reality star proved him wrong.

Pregnant Joseline Hernandez Positive Of Drug Use?

The reality underwent on a drug test and it turned out that she is negative in cocaine, amphetamines and weed use. The 30-year-old reality star thinks that Stevie J just want to embarrass her following their split.

She also attached a note from her care provider. The health care provider stated that Joseline Hernandez is having a healthy pregnancy. Joseline Hernandez also claimed that Stevie J’s $5,000 check, which he provided for her medical costs, bounced.

Joseline Hernandez To Take Away Child From Stevie J?

With Stevie J’s drunk and drug accusations against the pregnant Joseline Hernandez, the reality star seemed to be threatening her baby daddy that he will not able to see his child upon birth.

“You will never see your daughter f*** n****,” Joseline Hernandez reportedly said to the court, as stated in the records gathered by TMZ.

In another TMZ report, it seemed like Stevie J is still not buying the medical examination results of Joseline Hernandez. The report said that Stevie J thinks the examination was not done by a licensed medical professional.

Stevie J also reportedly wanted to be with his baby the moment he comes out. But Joseline Hernandez’s fury against her ex-baby daddy is still heating up as the delivery date nears, The Hollywood Life noted.

The pregnant Joseline Hernandez is set to give birth on January 9, 2017. Will Stevie J get to see his baby with Joseline Hernandez? Will the Love & Hip Hop reality stars still mend their broken romance before the delivery of their baby?