Power Rangers Sequel News: ‘Power Rangers Aftershock’ In The Works

Power Rangers Sequel News: ‘Power Rangers Aftershock’ In The Works PHOTOGRAPH: Official Power Rangers Facebook Page | Power Rangers

The upcoming Power Rangers film has been causing a lot of waves on the internet since the release of its trailer. Surprisingly, due to the positive response, it looks like the studio has already made plans for a follow-up.

It has been revealed that the Power Rangers releasing in 2017 will continue with its story thanks to Boom! Studios. The company has taken up the comic sequel project, which would go on with the adventures of Zack, Jason and the rest of our Rangers.

Power Rangers Characters Live On In Sequel

The announcement was confirmed by an exclusive report from The Hollywood Reporter.

“Saban’s Power Rangers: Aftershock will be a new graphic novel published by BOOM! Studios in association with Saban Brands, featuring Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Zack and Billy in their first adventure together since the movie’s conclusion,” THR revealed.

Surprisingly, Power Rangers: Aftershock will be releasing the same month as the reboot movie. It has been confirmed that the Comic sequel is set to hit shelves on March 29, 2017. However, fans will get to experience the feature film prior in theaters on March 24, 2017.

Sequel To Be Available For Fans On The Same Month

Fans will have the option to purchase the comic in two different versions. It has been revealed that it is available with a cover revealing the Power Rangers from the movie and another with an animated version.

The comic sequel has been confirmed to be written by Ryan Parrott. Furthermore, the artwork will be taken over by Lucas Werneck.

The comic sequel will also be available for pre-order soon. Moreover, the early edition will be an exclusive that is confirmed to be illustrated by Greg Smallwood.

Fans are excited as the comic sequel allows them to continue on after watching Power Rangers on the big screen. Moreover, it also removes the disappointment of waiting for years for the release of  another movie sequel.