Power Rangers International TV Spot Is Released, Plus Official Runtime Revealed

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Power Rangers International TV Spot Is Released, Plus Official Runtime Revealed PHOTOGRAPH: Power Rangers Official Website |

The Power Rangers film is nearing its March release. The studio recently released the Power Rangers international TV spot with a seemingly familiar soundtrack. With only a few short weeks until Saban’s live-action film’s release in theaters, fans are getting excited with the new developments, trailers and spoilers for the movie.

Power Rangers international TV spot evokes nostalgia to the fans

The new Power Rangers film is headed to the big screen, making it nostalgic for most fans. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers took the world by storm after it premiered in 1993. Its 90’s premiere sealed the franchise as a pop culture phenomenon. The franchise spawned 23 seasons with two feature films during the 90’s. The third major film will bring the rangers back to the limelight, through the coordination of Lionsgate and Saban Brands.

The Power Rangers international TV spot included some pieces of the film. Basically, the TV spot included some footage for the climactic scene which probably involved the major fight with Goldar. The TV spot also included a new footage where the Red and Black Ranger in their Zords while fighting against Goldar.

The TV spot had some included the voice over of Zordon (Bryan Cranston). In the footage, he talked to Rita Repulsa who was able to get a piece of the limelight on her. The fresh new footage also featured a background music. The biggest hit for the new TV spot is the music’s ability to evoke nostalgia among the fans.

The theme song is a remixed version of the original Power Rangers music. The beat and the tune had some 20th century upgrade in it. However, the filmmakers did not change the song’s melody and lyrics. Some fans regarded the fact that the rangers were fighting at the exact time when the theme song goes, ‘Go Go Power Rangers’.

Power Rangers Run-time and Plot

Aside from the TV spot, the Power Rangers also released some new trailers. The trailers made the film look stunning which prepared the fans for a great experience. Nonetheless, fans are wondering as to how long will the movie last. Lionsgate officially announced that the film will roll for about two hours, with exactly 124 minutes on its reel.

Saban’s Power Rangers is a re-imagination of the franchise rather than a sequel to the first two films. The story follows five ordinary high school kids. They have to break out of their shells and become extraordinary. Their small town, Angel Grove, and the world is on the verge of getting obliterated. Together they will band together and defeat the threat.

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