Power Rangers Has End Credit Scenes

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The director for the upcoming Power Rangers film confirmed that there will be an end credit scenes for the film. Director Dean Israelite’s reboot of the iconic franchise is only weeks away from its release. The revival of the classic characters of the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series gives a new generation a glimpse into the world of the rangers. The new cast who serves as the newest incarnation of the Power Rangers can pass on the legacy to the newer generation.

Director Dean Israelite confirms as post-credit scene for Power Rangers

Israelite talked with Collider about his upcoming film. In the interview, the director confirmed that there they have prepared a post-credit scene. Israelite did not spoil anything about the scene but he stated that the post-credit scene will roll halfway through the credits.

The film’s confirmed end-credits scene will set up a new installment of the franchise. The director stated that the scene has been requisite for the film. However, the production team debated at the proper time where the scene would roll. They debated whether the post-credit scene should come two and half minutes after the main credits ended or if it should be at the very end of the credits. In the end, they decided to break the credits up and put the scene half-way through it.

The director added that the younger audience motivated the placement of the end-credits scene. The younger movie-goers might not want to go through all the credits. He stated, “It was always gonna be a coda. It was always gonna be sort of a post-credits scene. The only thing that we debated about that was where it comes two and a half minutes into the [or] after the main one ends, or is it gonna come right at the end of the credits. So we decided to kind of break the credits up.”

The end credit scene will neatly weave the Power Rangers into a bigger franchise

Reportedly, Lionsgate is planning to have at least five more Power Rangers movies. Two of those movies will be connecting trilogies. Nonetheless, there are no details out regarding the film’s sequel. Presumably, the post-credit scene for the upcoming film will tease the entry of Power Rangers 2.

Aside from the expansion of the franchise, fans have to look out for the post-credit scene because if its connection to the original series. The director stated that the scene will tease ‘something at the end’ which is related to Tommy. Fans of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will instantly recognize Tommy Oliver. Jason David Frank played the role of Tommy, the Green Ranger in the original series. There is a possibility that the upcoming film will introduce Tommy and his possible future adventures with the new Rangers.

Source: Collider

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