Power Rangers 2017 Movie: Bryan Cranston Says New Film is More Realistic With Terrifying Characters

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Power Rangers 2017 Movie: Bryan Cranston Says New Film is More Realistic With Terrifying Characters Bryan Cranston at the 2012 Comic-Con in San Diego from Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia.org with CC BY-SA 3.0

The 2017 Power Rangers movie will have Bryan Cranston as part of the cast. Fans are excited to see what Lionsgate has prepared for the reboot. It will take time before it launches, but Cranston is indeed making things more interesting.

Cranston will lend his voice for the film. He will voice Zordon, the mentor of the rangers. The actor has already seen a big portion of the film and believes it will be a huge deal. Cranston stated that the movie is impressive and will “turn some heads.”

Some skeptics and critics were puzzled with Cranston’s decision to join “Power Rangers.” As a well-established actor, he can pick any project he wants. However, it should be noted that Cranston used to work as a “Power Rangers” voice actor back in the day. Some people thought he is too loyal to the franchise to sign up for the project. Now, the actor’s interview with IGN revealed that this might be the reason he chose to star in the film.

Bryan Cranston pays respect to his roots in the ‘Power Rangers’ franchise

Cranston revealed that Haim Saban called him. Saban is the co-creator and owner of the franchise. The actor added that he knew Saban because he already worked for him 35 years ago.

Cranston recalled the time he worked as a voice actor for the franchise. He was 23 or 24, and he was grateful to have the voice acting job. In the interview, Cranston added that joining “Power Rangers” now as a voice actor will be a nice “bookend” to what he was doing before.

It is obvious how Cranston’s roots led him to join the cast. Aside from joining the franchise, Cranston also have some praises for the film. While recording, he got a glimpse of the scenes, and he is now claiming it will be spectacular due to its special effects.

New ‘ Power Rangers’ would not look like 90’s show

Cinema Blend reported that the film would not look like the show from the 90’s. With the new advent of CGI and VFX, fans can expect more realistic-looking monsters. The monsters from the 90’s show left an impression to those who grew up watching the series. It will be interesting to see how the Power Rangers themselves will fit in to the current technology and trend. The “Power Rangers” movie will land in theaters on March 24, 2017.

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