Who is Poppy? Know More About the Robotic YouTube Star

Who is Poppy? Know More About the Robotic YouTube Star PHOTOGRAPH: Poppy/Facebook |

“The best part of being alive is when someone subscribes to my YouTube channel.” – Poppy

If you are one among the many people who caught the Sundance Film Festival on January 23, chances are that you watched the screening of the 24-minute trailer of a single series starring Poppy, a robotic pop star who is not an android after all. You may have watched its debut last January 25 on the YouTube Red subscription service too. By now you may have joined the more than 200 millions of people following Poppy or may have completely stopped because of confusion.

I do not understand Poppy at all

In the “I’m Poppy” series, the robotic pop singer signs a deal with a TV network executive who sees the potential revenue on her videos and million followers. They then launch the “The Poppy Show” and Poppy becomes more popular than ever. Somewhere, Charlotte, a mannequin who comes alive, becomes envious of Poppy. She undergoes makeover to look like Poppy. Threatened with by the rivalry, Poppy then signs a pact with Satan who vouches to make her the most famous girl in the world. Poppy’s fans grow immensely up until the point that there is a fanatical religious cult who tries to abduct her.

Is the “I’m Poppy” series a reality show?

The answer is no. But the series’ portrayal of Poppy’s popularity is extremely similar to the fame found by Poppy as a YouTube star in real life. Essentially, “The Poppy Show” is a story within another story, “I’m Poppy”, which is also one of the stories feature in Poppy’s YouTube account.

The most confusing part for those who are newly acquainted to Poppy is that she really is an android-like character. This has what makes her famous and makes her amass millions of subscribers on YouTube. Her current stat states that she was viewed by people more than 250 million times.

Poppy’s first ever video has acquired 2 million viewers. The strange part is that she is just eating a cotton candy.

Another video of her has been viewed 14 million times. It is weirder as she is just saying her name “Poppy” for the duration of 10 minutes.

According to some comments on her videos, her followers find her videos relaxing. They say she somehow brings them in a trance-like state.

So, who is Poppy?

Poppy is played by 23-year-old actress and singer Moriah Rose Pereira who was born in Whitman, Massachusetts. She has moved to Nashville when she was 14. Her influence in music is her father who used to be a drummer in a rock band. She has met Titanic Sinclair, the producer and creator of her YouTube videos, when she moved in with Debby Ryan in 2013.

Since her first videos in 2014, Poppy has not broken her character yet. She has always been this “robotic” even when attending live interviews.

In 2015, she has launched songs with surprisingly matured content, away from her usual cute persona in her videos. The tracks can be found here.

Titanic Sinclair, her collaborator, is Corey Mixter in real life. In some interviews he hinted that Poppy is a satire of the modern-day fame brought by social media. Thrillist describes him as “a bit like Robert Pattinson in Good Time, or Kurt Cobain if he went to art school.”