Polar Bears are Close to Extinction and it is Human’s Fault

Polar Bears are Close to Extinction and it is Human’s Fault Polar from chadh/Flickr with CC by 2.0

Polar bears have long been included in the list of endangered species. And from the rapidly rising global temperature, it seems that the only way they are going to get off that list, is when they become included in the list for extinct species.

Arctic polar caps are melting faster every day, leading to the rise in sea water level. Global warming has been a pressing issue for years now. And the government still continues to turn deaf ear to the problem.

Polar bears find sustenance from preying on fishes in the glaciers, which is getting harder. At this rate, they will soon be reduced to furry, white creatures that once existed on earth.

Importance Of Ice In Polar Bear’s Survival

Polar bears use their sense of smell to track down seals and other fishes hidden under the cracks in ice. They they invest 50 percent of their time hunting. However, studies show that they only manage to catch food 2 percent of the time.

But that is not the only purpose that ice serves to a polar bear. These bears also rely on ice to travel from one part of the arctic to another in search for mates. So without the availability of ice, the entire ecological system of these creatures will be disrupted.

According to the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) UK polar program manager, Rod Downie, it is also not surprising that human-bear conflicts are increasing nowadays. Stripped from their natural habitat and with no food, polar bears are straying to nearby human villages.

“Because [polar bears are] remaining on land more and more they’re coming into contact with human communities. Children might be walking to school and risk the threat of being attacked by a polar bear,” Downie told CNN.

Donald Trump: Global Warming Was Cooked Up By China

The government is far from implementing the long term climate conservation plans. Hence the WWF have come up with a few short-term management programs to help keep the reducing number of polar bears in check.

They educate people on how best to tackle a bear invasion or encounter without killing it. They also insist on controlling oil spills and suggest ways in which polar bears’ habitat can be protected.

However, WWF also recognizes the fact that these temporary preventive programs can only work so far. Leaders of the world have to start actively battling environmental degradation. Otherwise, “the long-term fate of this species (polar bears) is uncertain,” said the Alaska Regional Director of USFWS, Greg Siekaniec.

But as far as US government goes, it seems unlikely that the dangers of climate change will be given any recognition in the coming years. The President-Elect Donald Trump tweeted in the past: “the concept of global warming was created for and by the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive” as reported by The Washington Post.

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