Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Where to Catch Pheromosa, Guzzlord, Buzzswole and Other Ultra Beasts in Alola


A Pokemon Sun and Moon guide is essential to help trainers in searching and capturing Ultra Beasts. These Ultra Beasts belonged to the Pokemon Sun and Moon’s post game. Ultra Beasts are extra-dimensional Pokemon that looks horrific in appearance. As most gamers might expect, these creatures put up a battle.

Basically, Ultra Beasts are beings from another world that the Aether Foundation and other Pokemon Professors are investigating. They have appeared in Alola and threatened to toss the Pokemon world out of proportion.

Nobody really understood exactly whether Ultra Beasts are Pokemon. However, these creatures fight like Pokemon. Their typings and everything else about them remain unknown. Nonetheless, the Aether Foundation determined the best ways to access the Ultra Beasts. One of the characters even fused with one of the Ultra Beasts.

Nevertheless, fusing with Ultra Beasts then separating has an unfavorable effect on the body. Ultra Beasts came to Alola from the main conflict of the game. The players’ task is to beat and catch these beasts. The Aether Foundation produced Beast Balls to capture these Ultra Beasts. There are five occurrences wherein the Ultra Beasts wreak havoc in particular areas of Alola. It is up to the players to capture them for the International Police. Each incident will bring out a new Ultra Beast to catch.

Here is a Pokemon Sun and Moon guide to Find These Ultra Beasts

Nihilego is the first Ultra Beast in Route 8. Its location is around the Wela Volcano and Diglett’s Tunnel. Players can find Buzzwole in the Melele Meadow. For those who have Pokemon Sun, they are tasked to find Buzzwole. There will be two Buzzwole in the Melele Meadow and gamers would be lucky to capture two of these beasts. Gamers who have Pokemon Moon will have to catch four Pheremosa located at the Verdant Cavern.

After catching either Pheromosa or Buzzwole, players must report to Anabel. Players will proceed to the Akala island. Gamers will head to Route 8 and meet up with Captain Mina and challenge her to a duel. If the player wins, Captain Mina will tell the player that the Ultra Beast called Xurkitree is found at the Memorial Hill and Lush Jungle.

When Xurkitree is taken, players will report to Anabel to discover that the headquarters spotted Ultra Beasts on Ula’Ula Island. Players must proceed to Route 17, where the Island Kahuna Nanu will tell the gamer about the new beasts. The new beasts include four Kartana in Pokemon Sun or more Celesteela in Pokemon Moon. These beasts’ location is at the Kartana on Route 17. Gamers can find the Celesteela in the Haina Desert and Malie Garden.

After the gamer successfully captured Kartana or Celesteela, the gamer must report back to Looker and Anabel. They will tell the player about Guzzlord’s location. Ultra Beast Guzzlord is found on Poni Island near the Seafolk Village. Nanu will challenge the gamer to another duel. If the gamer wins, he will reveal Guzzlord’s location which is at the basement of Resolution Cave.

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