Pokemon Duel Guide: What to Know About the New Pocket Monster Game for Android and iOS

Pokemon Duel Guide: What to Know About the New Pocket Monster Game for Android and iOS PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/@Pokemon |

Pokémon Company released a brand new mobile game called Pokemon Duel on Tuesday. The game will allow players to collect virtual figures and play as a team. Players can use the virtual creatures in an effort to take control of the rival’s territory.

The Pokemon Duel Guide: What is the game’s premise?

The Pokemon Duel game will involve battling the creatures, which can be selected in teams of six people. These individual Pokemon have statistics, including the number of steps they can move in a turn and different attacks. Players can utilize their figures to safeguard the territory and to assault the enemy’s area.

The video game will definitely hook the gamers. It will keep players engaged, as they develop their very own team with various Pokemon characters. Gamers will construct their own unique capabilities by playing the game and winning the battles fought with real opponents. Even though the game is readily available free of charge, it has some in-app-purchases for Pokemon and inventory purposes.

Pokemon Duel Allows Players Prepare for Battling Real-World Players

Turn-based, Pokemon Duel gamers can likewise utilize techniques such as using their Pokemon to block their challenger. Gamers can also check their winning methods versus the video game’s AI challengers. Gamerant reported that this feature will prepare gamers to take on the league of real-world players.

The game is free but players can use the in-app purchases to be more successful in the game. Players can use “plates” to improve a Pokemon’s powers, for example, as well as Boosters. Moreover, gamers can trade currency earned in-game for a brand-new Pokemon. The Pokemon Duel has a league play mode that lets players contend with genuine human opponents at any time.

Gamers of the Android version have reported significant bugs, consisting of crashes throughout gameplay . There are reports claiming that the app refused to let them play without purchasing something. These bugs and complaints did not swayed the 100,000 people downloading it on Android. As of the moment, there are no complaints on the game’s iOS version.

According to IGN, players can get Pokemon Duel on the App Store or Google Play. The game has a very different take on Pokemon compared to the main series or Pokemon GO. The game takes a lot from card combatants and tactic games, which is an interesting take on the virtual game.

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